FTSE Group, NAREIT Launch PureProperty Index Series

FTSE Group and NAREIT have launched the FTSE NAREIT PureProperty Index Series, which provides a daily measure of U.S. real estate price and total returns at the level of both property and equity investments.

The index series’ values are based on price appreciation and income distributions generated by portfolios of properties owned by stock exchange-listed U.S. Equity REITs.

Brad Case, NAREIT’s senior vice president for research and industry information, described the new series as “potentially a watershed in institutional investment in real estate.”


NAREIT Launches Total REIT Industry Tracker (T-Tracker) Series

NAREIT is releasing a new report, the Total REIT Industry Tracker Series, or as T-Tracker. Calvin Schnure, NAREIT senior vice president for research and economic analysis, provided an overview of the new report.

Schnure explained that T-Tracker is a quarterly report containing a series of measures of operating performance of all U.S. listed REITs. The Tracker Series has three components: the Funds From Operations (FFO) tracker; the Net Operating Income (NOI) tracker; and the Dividend Tracker.

NAREIT T-Tracker