(DOWNLOAD LINK) One Two (원투) – 못된 여자 Ⅱ (With Seo In Young 서인영)

1. 와랄라 랄라레 (Walala Lalale) www.4shared.com 2. 달콤한 사랑 (Feat. Navi 나비) www.4shared.com 3. 못된 여자 Ⅱ (With Seo In Young 서인영) www.4shared.com 4. 별이 빛나는 밤에 (Reggae Mix Version) www.4shared.com 5. 와랄라 랄라레 (Original Version) www.4shared.com THE URL’S WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE SONGS…… FROM THEIR ALBUM

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