Is the order of links on a page important for SEO?

Matt from Lexington, KY asks: “Is first link priority an on-page SEO factor? If so, should we modify CSS or JavaScript to show the correct link first?”

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  2. Been wondering about this for some time actually.

    Interestingly enough I think they search for ‘relevant’ links only in certain areas.

    So if you’re submitting an article that means the resource box and article body. All other links on the page are probably seen as ‘internal’ vs ‘external’ no?


  3. @bragadocchio It was almost two years ago since I actually tested this, but I haven’t seen anything since which shows differently. What factors do you feel are skewing the results?

  4. @alexasigno I’ve seen descriptions of the tests that you are probably referring to on that topic, and I don’t believe that those tests adequately took into account a number of factors that could skew the results of those experiments.

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  6. Bragadocchio from previous testing. When there is more than one link to the same URL on one page, Google only passes on the anchor text from the first link.

  7. Hi Matt, I don’t think you understood the question correctly. I believe bragadocchio and idevs are correct.

  8. Hi Matt,

    I think the question involved links on the same page that pointed to the same destination page. Does the first one count more than the second when it comes to the anchor text?

    I suspect that the answer is more complicated than which link is found first by the search engine.

  9. Matt, I assume the question is actually in relation to: 1) same link destinations with differing anchor text (“blue widgets” or “widgets – blue” which textual signal applies, is the first stronger?) and/or 2) in relation to same links with nofollows on 1 link (example above, text vs. image, nofollowed link appears first) impact?

  10. He had that question, maybe due to adwords staking… in Adwords if you bid higher your ad will be at the top (or more visible) in ad slot. But has nothing to do with SEO.

  11. @dannycarter85 Oh they tried a new 3d rendering engine. There was a glitch and his hair got removed.

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