MSN vs GOOGLE – Search Engine Rap Battle

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Google and Microsoft trade nasty punchlines in the Search Engine Rap Battle. There are three separate battles MSN vs Google, Google vs Yahoo, and MSN vs Yahoo. Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia and David Fine. Directed by David Fine. Created by Seedwell. ————— LYRICS Google: Your new system hasnt gotten many users They only use Vista cuz it came on their computers Step to me – Ill wrestle you blue My dyslexic fans, they call me “El Goog” Well connected – i got crazy links SEO just means what google thinks Smart people, they wanna work for me That’s why I jack you for your employees Gmails got females – on fire like foxes i’m six gigs deep, up in their inboxes Search market share: 4% you 68 me. this battle rap is through MSN: You bought Youtube for 2 billion bucks He bought Youtube, the search still sucks Your icon’s a joke – it’s just a doodle Your name sounds like a baby retard poodle Youre net apps – they’re slow- they dont work, nobody uses them, they go for the search I own your platform, I own IE, I own all degrees of the game, 3-60 You steal my people? heres the stor-y I buy Facebook and jack your employees You might have users, but they’ll soon be leavin ya cuz your search results say search Wikipedia
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Custom real estate marketing apps within Google Apps.

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Learn how easy it is to add a professionally designed banner to your Agent123 site, announcing your new mobile phone, GPS enabled IDX home search: iGoIDX

WordPress Automatic Backlink Creator Plugin Review – This new wordpress plugin revolutionizes the process of getting targeted, quality backlinks to your website. Compared to other services like 1waylinks, 3waylinks, Llnkvana, Seo Link Vine, Article Ranks, Unique Article Wizard and more, this plugin (in this reviewers opinion) delivers more value at a lower cost. It does so, by giving you access to both “in-content” backlinks as well as “blogroll” style backlinks. The plugin comes with support for spun anchor text and articles.The process of adding a blogroll takes you all of about 1 minute which is a huge time saver. In addition you get 500 of these blogroll links on wordpress blogs, on different IP’s from all over the world. At the time of this writing the network has over 2000 blogs and is growing fast as it was just launched 3 month’s ago. The cost of the service is per month.This is lower than all of the other networks listed above and, of course, it comes with a full 60 day guarantee. Personally I have seen really great results with this plugin and I highly recommend it. I have been using it for 3 months and have taken several sites up to the first page of Google using the blogroll style backlinks alone. The time saving aspect of this plugin is undeniable. Another major factor for offering this service, is the support. Greg, the creator of the network responds to support requests almost instantly. I have honestly been shocked at the quality of his support and this another big reason
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accuratestats.infoHey guys just want to show you guys how you can make high quality backlinks.http there you can find a bunch more!
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How to create links on Craigslist (Real Estate Web 2.0) Realtors are using Craigslist now more than ever. A majority of Realtors are simply putting up 3 or 4 pics on Craigslist. More can be done to show your prospects your listings. You can create your own video tours and link them to your Craigslist ads. Team Real Estate Web 2.0

Link Building Techniques To Avoid That Hurt Your Real Estate SEO – In this video I go over some link building techniques that I’ve received several questions on recently. Mainly having to do with paid directory submission and blog commenting link building schemes that cost you money and actually end up hurting your SEO. So watch this and make sure you don’t do this as part of your real estate link building. This video is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide found here for real estate seo specialists that will put your website on the front page of Google with no upfront fees. No risk SEO
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SEO Leeds | Video Marketing | Google Map Marketing

Seo Leeds , Search Engine Optimisation: Ways to Help you get your website indexed Web video marketing Leeds Youtube video marketing Google map marketing Google places marketing Video Marketing Specialists Seo in Leeds Search engine marketing Leeds Video Marketing Call Carrington Stanley on 0113 3790 487 to discuss your project. If your site is not ‘indexed’ by search-engine spiders, it is unlikely to come out on listings of search engine. So, when your site is live, an important thing you should do is to get search-engine noticed your site and indexed it. Here are given some SEO techniques to help your website indexed now. You can submit XML sitemaps to major search engines, which involves link to almost every webpage of the site. It is the file that one should submit to major search-engines to get the pages indexed. Moreover, by submitting xml sitemap, one will notify his site and index each page. He can even upload his site map to Google, by making free account on Google Webmaster. One can also choose to make HTML sitemap pages on his site. HTML sitemaps are quite different from xml sitemap files and are visible to visitors. They will enlist all links to each webpage of the site, which will then permit users to navigate one’s website easily and permit crawlers to follow links and find out pages. Placing html text link on website is another way to get the website indexed. Search-engine crawlers often follow html links to find out other webpage
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Visual IDX Instructional Video by Pagosa Springs Realtor West Davies

West Davies of Jim Smith Realty explains why Visual IDX (formerly MLS Mapper) is such an integral part of his real estate business in Pagosa Springs. The second half of the video is an instructional video for his customers. “Visual IDX is actually faster than the Paragon search engine we use in the CREN region,” he says. Visit for packages & pricing.
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Go to and you can search for homes for sale in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, or anywhere in the Greater Phoenix, AZ metro area using the official, live flexmls MLS system that all of the agents use! This video walks you through the first steps in using the most power home search tool available on the Internet.
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Dean Naughton teaches SEO for Real Estate Agents Chapter 3

SEO taught online for help with your real estate web presence.

By loading your title descriptions with keywords people search for, you can achieve top search engine rankings and SEO results. The secret is to do keyword research first. A great tool is
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