SEO – Are No-Follow Links Important

As you may know from other videos, I have over 300 active websites (all on different c-blocks) that I use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) testing purposes. Over time, I have been running tests to determine the importance of having “no-follow links” as part of your backlink structure. In this video, I will talk a little bit about the results of my experiments. If you’d like to learn more about what I’m doing and how you can partner with me, be sure to get on my email list. work at home, make money online, work online, mlm, business opp, make money from home
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Link building con i Social Media. Scopri come funziona davvero. – La rivoluzione dei social media prende piede sempre più aggressiva. Questo è un dato di fatto che coinvolge sempre più le strategie di posizionamento organico. Pochi però sono in grado di ottenere il massimo beneficio in termini di traffico e link juice da queste fenomenali piattaforme sociali. E pochi sono coloro che hanno la pazienza necessaria prima di vedere risultati. Non perderti questo nuovo video tutorial sul posizionamento nei motori e scopri perchè quello del social media marketing è un processo tanto lungo quanto efficace.

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Leading Your Niche to Your Video Content: 6 Ways to Build Inbound Links To Your YouTube Channel Kellie Gardner shares 6 ways to build inbound links to your YouTube Channel & individual videos. Leading your niche market from external sites to your “front door.” Sources of information for this video include Julie Perry’s chapter 17 in Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars,, &
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Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape. Note: This presentation contains adult language.

Link Building Trust Fund: Linkonomics

Arnie Kuenn of talks about link building tactics for the future and where the best place to start the endeavor. Starting a Link Building Trust Fund is essential for gaining and keeping authority in the long run.
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In this video interview link building expert Jim Boykin explains how to avoid the downside of link building. Buying links can get you penalized — even if you think you might be safe, says Boykin. The Stanford Daily once sold links, says Dr. Wilson, but no longer does, since it faced the wrath of the SEO community. An excessive amount of reciprocal linking can hurt you as well, says Boykin, since Google can easily compare incoming link domains with outgoing domains, and discount the value of links that seem to be merely traded. Google is looking for clear citations that indicate a real interest and count as a “vote” for the site. Viral “linkbait” — if you can get it — is usally a good thing, but the content of the bait needs to be relevant to your site. Social media links and comments have some value, but since anyone can set up an account, Google may not count these links as high as some others. Link-worthy content is the best approach, providing content that attracts links. Jim Boykin is the CEO of We Build Pages, that specializes in link building and building content to get those links. This interview was recorded at Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Francisco in August 2010.

SEO Link Building with Question and Answer Websites

Optimize your website and get some back links by answer question on Q&A websites such as Yahoo! Answers. This clip will explain just how simple it is to get some back links with a nice list for you to get started if you haven’t done so already. All online retailers should focus on link building as part of their search engine optimization strategy.
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SEO Q&A: Page Rank Myths in Link Building – Extended v2 | Today Christoph C. Cemper talks about various myths on Google’s Page Rank and the stil outdated information out there on the web. Especially the broken page rank display but also the operators cache or link: provided by Google are the reasons why CEMPER.COM developed it’s own Link Juice Tool. Full Article here
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – The third step to increasing search engine traffic SEO is ensure your efforts are improving your link value by building link. Four easy steps in developing this are (1) publish content to your site (2) convince others to link to it (3) use distribution services (4) repeat steps.
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SEO Link Building – SEO Links Video – Need some Guaranteed SEO? You create a new web site or your current web site needs traffic? so what do you do? purchase it or create it your self Dont give one more link building service another dime Link building services are expensive. I know, I build links for others. People pay me big bucks to build links for them. But you know what, those people have the money to pay me. What if your just getting started and cant afford a link building service? What then? Many people see an obvious solution. Create your own links to your web sites. And thats GREAT! if you have the time and knowledge. But if you dont know your anchor text from your keywords a BB Link from an HTML one. What are you to do? Its the perfect solution. Now you dont need to have your nose stuck in link building seo books for months on end Creating manual links by hand or spend months trying to gain search engines ranking for your sites Instead use SEO Link Dominator to save you time and guarantee your seo efforts are worth your while. Come and along and change your life –