Speed Drawing of 씨엔블루, 용화 (CN Blue, Yong Hwa) & 소녀시대, 서현 (SNSD, Seo Hyun)

Video was taken via Mobile Phone, Apologies for the low quality. Song Credits : Y, Why….. by CN Blue Video Credits: SNSD “Run Devil Run” & CN Blue “I’m a Loner” Uploaded via Youtube to share with my friends and anyone who come across this because Facebook video uploader too slow. Came across some problems drawing Seohyun but I tried my best. Enjoy. View my other videos, links provided near the end of the video. Any drawing requests, message me or find me on twitter (GPSeow). Hwaiting~
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Replies to “Speed Drawing of 씨엔블루, 용화 (CN Blue, Yong Hwa) & 소녀시대, 서현 (SNSD, Seo Hyun)”

  1. omg, amazing result at the end. Luv it. If i’m the one who drawing this, the result would be, the people i draw would looks old. XO

  2. Amazing drawing! I wish I could draw like you. But you should have drawn them kissing! Ooooh I have such a perverted mind XD I guess Seohyun is too innocent to do that with anybody.

  3. Wow you are so gifted this is amazong!! keke please make more and maybe take the video with a video camera next time!! kek your work is anticipated!! ^^ Hwaiting!!

  4. @sinsandy21 erm..the term speed drawing exactly refers to a drawing video which is sped up. Unless you wanna see more than an hour of drawing : X

  5. Hearing this song makes me think of the reason why CN Blue is a better group than FT Island. CN Blue’s songs cater to the present tastes of music; their music sounds like something I would hear from an alternative/pop rock band on kroq. While FT Island songs sound more mature, and kind of trot-esque, I can’t quite describe it. But a lot of older Korean ballad singers sing songs similar to theirs. I think FT Island needs younger, trendier songs~~~~
    Anyways, I’m glad there’s at least 2 idol bands

  6. omg tht s AMAZING! how can u possibly draw tht well??? i wish i could draw lik u! ^^ keep it up!

  7. yeah,high 5!!!!! we both are left handed….haha love your drawing….envious* lol haha

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