REITs Outperform in 2015

In the latest edition of Quick Study, Brad Case, NAREIT’s senior vice president for research and industry information, noted that although 2015 wasn’t the strongest year for REIT returns, stock exchange-listed equity REITs still outperformed most other asset classes.


REITWorld 2015: Investors Taking a Harder Look at Real Estate Sustainability


As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues become increasingly important for real estate investors, companies that fall short in these areas are likely to be left behind, according to a panel of sustainability professionals at REITWorld 2015: NAREIT’s Annual Convention for All Things REIT.

Nils Kok, CEO of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), moderated the panel.


NAREIT Names 2015 Leader in the Light Award Winners

NAREIT announced the 10 winners of its annual Leader in the Light Awards, which honor NAREIT member companies that have demonstrated superior, portfolio-wide sustainability practices. 

The awards were presented on Nov. 18 in Las Vegas at REITWorld 2015: NAREIT’s Annual Convention for All Things REIT to U.S. Equity REITs in seven property sectors: retail, residential, office, industrial, lodging/resorts, health care and diversified. Two winners were selected in the lodging/resorts and office sectors. A global award was also presented for non-U.S. companies.


Net Lease REIT Agree Realty on Track to Boost Acquisition Volume in 2015

Joey Agree, president and CEO of Agree Realty Corp. (NYSE: ADC), joined for a CEO Spotlight video interview during REITWeek 2015: NAREIT’s Investor Forum, held in New York.

Agree Realty REIT focuses on the development and acquisition of net lease retail properties throughout the United States.

During the six months to June 30, the company acquired 44 net lease properties for about $ 123 million. The properties are leased to 27 retail tenants operating across 17sectors, and are located in 18 states.


Net Lease REIT STORE Capital on Track for $1 Billion in Acquisitions in 2015

Chris Volk, president and CEO of STORE Capital Corp. (NYSE: STOR), joined for a CEO Spotlight video interview during REITWeek 2015: NAREIT’s Investor Forum, held in New York.

STORE is an acronym for single-tenant operational real estate, which is the company’s target market. STORE’s tenants operate across a variety of industries within the service, retail and industrial sectors. Restaurants, health clubs, early childhood education centers, movie theaters and furniture stores represent the top industries in its portfolio.


NAREIT 2015 Compensation Survey Shows REITs in Hiring Mode

Jeremy Banoff, senior managing director at FPL Associates L.P., joined for a video interview to discuss the 2015 NAREIT Compensation Survey.

FPL partners with NAREIT on the annual NAREIT Compensation Survey. This year’s survey contains record-setting responses from 135 REITs and real estate operating companies providing information on 132 positions. Participants in the survey represent approximately 75 percent of the equity market capitalization of listed Equity REITs.