Robert Laguna TV Commercial

A television commercial, Produced by Mpower Media for Robert Laguna. For more information visit or call 1-888-232-9862
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Robert Massey on Cash With Short Sales Series Robert Massey on Cash With Short Sales Series. Real Estate Investing Expert and SEO Specialist Terry Wygal, The Quick House Buyer interviews Former Corporate Sales and Marketing Professional Bob Massey in a cutting edge real estate training series dedicated to Short Sale Investing. The training is all Content and Pitch Free. To listen to his interview with Bob on How to work with real estate agents and more short sale tips, REGISTER for the calls right now!
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Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki & Jason Hartman on The Creating Wealth Show CW #2 of 5

Survive and thrive in todays economy. With nearly 200 shows, business and investment guru, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and financial experts including; Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Harry Dent (The Great Depression Ahead), Peter Schiff (Crash Proof), Ellen Brown (Web of Debt), Lawrence Yun (National Association of Realtors NAR), Thomas Woods (Meltdown), Gerald Celente (Trends Journal), Mike Mish Shedlock, G. Edward Griffin (The Creature from Jekyll Island), Chris Mayer (Capital & Crisis), Chris Martenson (The Crash Course), John Assaraf (The Secret), Robert Prechter (Elliott Wave), Pat Buchanan (Presidential Candidate), Eric Tyson (Investing for Dummies), Addison Wiggin & Bill Bonner (Agora The Daily Reckoning), Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari), Thomas Sowell (The Hoover Institution), Marc Chandler (Making Sense of the Dollar), John G. Miller (The Question Behind the Questions (QBQ!), Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach), Steve Milloy (Green Hell), Gillian Tett (Fools Gold & The Financial Times), Howard Ruff (Prosper In The Coming Bad Years), Larry Parks (Gold Wars & FAME), James West (Crime of the Century), Les Leopold (The Looting of America) and many others. Profit from commentary on political news from Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX, KABC and KFI. Learn fresh new ways to create and protect wealth while building passive income with real estate, home-based business, internet marketing, SEO, PPC, iPhone apps
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