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What Are Press Releases And How They Helps Link Building? – In this video you will learn what Press Releases are and how they are great for link building. There are two types of Press Releases, the free and the paid kind. Both are great but the paid is by far the better choice (but do both). Check out this video to fully understand this SEO concept. Here are my two favorite Press Release websites Paid: Free: This article is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide found here:

Whiteboard Friday – If You Build It, They Will Link

This week Matt discusses some quick and dirty tactics to get links and market your website, proving that, even on Whiteboard Friday, there’s more to life than Digg.
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What Are Links From Bad Neighborhoods And How They Hurt Your SEO? – In this video you will learn what bad neighborhood links are and how they negatively affect your SEO. You want to make sure that you do not link to them and that you don’t have links from them pointing to your website. This is a simple problem to avoid but it can easily be one overlooked. So check it out now. This is part of the ultimate real estate link building guide found here

What Are Spam Links And How They Affect Your SEO? – In this video you will learn what exactly constitutes a ‘spam’ link. After learning what a spam link is you will learn how to spot them and stop them from hurting your websites SEO efforts. Like all videos, this is extremely important to understand because spam links can ruin your linking profile if they are allowed on your site. This is part of the ultimate real estate link building guide found here
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What Are Backlinks And How Do They Help Your Real Estate SEO? – This video is part of ultimate link building real estate guide found here http – In this video you will learn what exactly a backlink is and you will also learn how to begin building your own backlinks through blogging. This is the easiest way to begin building links for your SEO campaign.
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