Socrates WordPress Theme Overview Part #01 Hi, this is Dan Nickerson and welcome to the Socrates Theme. Socrates was developed by Joel Comm and myself and we’ve both been fortunate to make a lot of money online selling templates, creating Adsense websites, and developing ClickBank products, and we recently decided it was the perfect time to create a premium WordPress theme created by us for marketers and affiliate marketers, and anyone who wants to create a quick niche website. So we built Socrates as a platform; it has built in monetization, it had ClickBank, it has special SEO features like all our navigation links have no follow and new window options on them. We have over 200 niche headers that you can instantly add any type of text or subtext to; we’ve optimized the layout for SEO. We have all kinds of cool Widget functions as well, and this is just the demo site that we currently have. And I’m going to show you a quick tutorial here on how to get setup really quickly with Socrates. So just take a few minutes, and I’m going to show you how to create a niche site very quickly with WordPress. And you know what, I haven’t even installed WordPress yet; I can do that really quick. I’m in the back end of cPanel so I’m going to scroll down to the software and services tab and I’m going to click on Fantastico Deluxe, and this is how you actually install WordPress via cPanel and if you have Host Gator or another major host this is automatically built in. I’m clicking WordPress, I’m going
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WordPress Design and Layout Tutorial | Thesis Design Options Tool WordPress Design and Layout Tutorial | Thesis Design Options Tool Thesis SEO WordPress Theme provides online marketers with unique web design and seo tools. One such tool is their Thesis Design Options Tool, a simple point-and-click, copy and paste web design panel that empowers the total novice blogger to build a customized WordPress blog fast and smart. Thesis WordPress Theme provides total flexibility for you and your online business. Thesis Design Options tool is just one of many built-in, easy-to-use web tools that Thesis provides online marketers. I’m so confident, regardless of whether you have ZERO web design or coding knowledge, that Thesis SEO theme will help you quickly customize and professionally brand your own personal blog site, I stake my reputation on it. Click on the links below to LEARN more about Thesis SEO WordPress Theme and my one-of-a-kind WordPress Custom Web Design Course… Thesis | WordPress SEO Theme (Top Recommendation) Check out our WordPress Custom Web Design Course More great wordpress design and layout tutorials for Thesis Design Options tool, strategies, tips coming soon.
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A webmaster tutorial video that introduces other useful Google resources for webmasters.
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Simple Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

SimpleMap is the most advanced, most customizable and the most actively updated Google Maps plugin for WordPress. SimpleMap’s primary goal is to simplify the Google Map experience within WordPress for site administrators, visitors, and developers alike. SimpleMap’s General Options page, shortcode API, and custom import / export feature gives the site administrator unrepresented control over the display and functionality of Google Maps on their WordPress powered web site. As a site administrator, you can modify an array of options and default setting including but not limited to the map location, search radius, map type, and map size. Our shortcode interface allows you to overide default setting for single maps, modify the search box properties, and control advanced features. The import / export system within SimpleMap allows administrators to quickly and intuitively add multiple locations to the database at once by updating a CSV file. Our CSV format is extremely flexible, allowing you to import almost any existing CSV while mapping only the data you need for your locations. We even allow you to create location categories and tags on the fly by simply including them in your CSV file. Exporting your data is as simple as clicking a single button. Your data will always be yours for the keeping. As an added bonus, SimpleMap’s location data and general options are included in all core WordPress exports. Of course, adding locations manually is easy as well. Using WordPress
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Find one-of-a kind jewelry and artwork by Daniel Macchiarini and other neo-modernist designers.TurnHere, Inc., produces Internet video for a variety of businesses across the globe including media, real estate, small businesses, travel and financial services. Our 2000 filmmakers shoot and produce Internet videos in more than 50 countries that emotionally engage viewers with compelling, authentic stories. With deep backgrounds in media and video production, our in-house team of producers work with our partners on creative treatments and leverage the talent of our filmmaking network. We help our partners distribute their videos across the Web to a variety of partners including Google, Yahoo!, AOL and MSN. Founded in 2005, the company is privately-held and based in Emeryville, California.

Guaranteed SEO Benefits With WordPress Plugins Guaranteed SEO Benefits With WordPress Plugins There are many ways to gain guaranteed SEO benefits for your website if you are using the WordPress CMS, some more effective than others. Most of your benefits will be with off site SEO but there can be some on site SEO advantages. People reading this article may or may not be aware that the majority of your SEO benefits will come from off site SEO, back linking is a huge one, especially if you are anchoring your back links with the correct text. Here I will not go into this aspect of SEO however, this article is more concerned with how you can improve on site SEO via WordPress plugins. As you are probably already aware there are thousands upon thousands of WP plugins that all claim to benefit you in some way, not all are made equally however and sorting through all the garbage to actually find something of real use is extremely hard work, especially if you are new to WordPress and all the plugins that are available. I cannot claim to be an expert on every single plugin available, the number to be tested is just too many and would take a lifetime to test individually but the following list shows a few of the plugins that I find are most useful for my personal needs and do give me guaranteed SEO advantages of one description or another. Your list may vary depending on the reason why you are building a WP site but I think most people will find the list to be of use for the basics plus a few added extra

SCRIBE Seo WordPress Plugin

This premium SEO plugin for WordPress helps you optimize your posts and pages perfectly! It will analyze your title, description, links, suggest keywords and more. Distributed by Tubemogul.
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SEO Data Transporter Plug-In for WordPress

Video overview of the SEO Data Transporter plug-in from StudioPress that allows you to transfer SEO settings between WordPress themes.

Real Estate Video Marketing Works It is no secret that Google loves video. Do a search for almost anything that can be shown through a video and you will notice that YouTube Google Video Yahoo video and other high volume video websites are absolutely dominating the front page of google. What you might not know are these amazing behind the scene video marketing facts. VIDEO MARKETING FAST FACTS * 52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer) * 38% of Google Universal Search results included video (Comscore) * More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times) * The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes a day watching video * Because video is so popular, video links often show up way before other content * Search engines visit video sites every few minutes, so your videos appear in Google in MINUTES after you hit the publish button, not days or weeks as with conventional SEO tactics FEATURES * DOMINATION of more of the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing! * Syndication to YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and Metacafe using our Video Spinner platform to distribute your videos. * Properly formatted video content for submission to all of the major video server sites * YouTube Optimization * Submit videos, thumbnails, associated video and meta content * Ranking, click throughs and ROI tracking * Video Analytics to measure and track effectiveness BENEFITS * Gain visibility on YouTube as well as across multiple search

7 WordPress Killer Plugins: Episode 6

Changing the link structure of your WordPress entries can hugely improve your blogs SEO, but what if you’ve already been running your blog for a while and now realize you could improve the SEO with a better links structure?
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Can’t-Live-Without WordPress Plugins

The debate rages among bloggers surrounding what are must-have plugins for WordPress. Naturally, everyone has their personal preferences that depend on what they are trying to accomplish by blogging. But I was rather horrified to read a forum post discussing WordPress plugins stating that all you need in the way of plugins, “if you have good content”, were All in One SEO Pack Google XML Sitemaps and StatPress. Now, these are great plugins and I use them all on everyone of my sites. But to say that these three are all you need, regardless of not whether your content is good, bad or mediocre, is, well, just wrong. If you want to increase your on page SEO; decrease your page load time (a key factor for ranking in Google with their latest algorithm change); hide your affiliate links and find and remove lines of code or text quickly and easily and more you need a few more plugins in your arsenal. Here is my top-ten list of great WordPress Plugins. These are all free plugins. 1) All-in-One SEO Pack–This plugin helps your SEO right out of the box, without any configuration. To increase your on-page SEO, it allows you to add title, description and keywords to make your posts more search engine friendly, but it’s not a requirement. 2) WP-Super Cache–A caching plugin is a must with Google’s new emphasis on page load speed. WP-Super Cache allows logged in users to disable caching, which is important if you are trying to do some editing on your site without the pages constantly
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