10 Rules For Being Human

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25 Replies to “10 Rules For Being Human”

  1. @funkymonkyize I refuse to live with mistakes. Why live with illusions? No illusion can replace the perfection of Truth. A mistake is not Truth. What is not Truth cannot have a Real effect. To live with mistakes is to live in a dream. Dreams are a crazy place to live! Nothing is sure in dreams. Nothing is reliable. There is no Truth in dreams. Reality is formless. Have no faith in forms. Instead, learn what is behind the forms. Learn what is creating the forms and why.

  2. @funkymonkyize The mind can imagine mistakes for the mind has freewill to imagine anything. It can even imagine it has destroyed itself but of course….it can’t. What the mind cannot do it change Reality. It can imagine it has but it merely dreams of change. Eventually the mind wakes up and Reality is unchanged. Eternity is unchangable. Reality expands and grows but it still is what it is. Never does it expand or grow into something else. Eternity and change cannot coexist. Only one can be True

  3. @funkymonkyize, The key to escaping the world of pieces is to become aware that your mistakes have no real effects. Mistakes do not change the Truth. Mistakes only create illusions. The Truth can be unseen but it cannot be altered. Mistakes hide the truth but do not change it. The only real mistake is the mistake that a mistake can be Created. lol Reality is not a mistake and you cannot create unreality. The Perfect created the perfect who can only create the perfect, or imagine mistakes.

  4. @funkymonkyize A mind that has confused itself as a form cannot help but to make mistakes. The belief of separation blinds the mind to Truth. The mind is now deluded as it filters all it sees through the belief of separation. It’s vision is distorted for it looks through the twisted belief that the One has separated and taken form. Now the mind believes in here and theres, mine and yours, past and future, etc See the forms the world offers for what they are, a mad desire to separate the Truth.

  5. @1971SuperLead well my last week lesson was that I will allways make mistake no matter what(it seems life work this way)This week lesson is that I should learn to leave with them no matter what.

  6. @funkymonkyize Antoer was “The universe as no edge. This does not just apply to the idea of an outside edge, but inner edges as well. Forms are but attempts to devide the One. There is no Peace in pieces. Erase the lines for they do not exist in Reality. Nothing has an edge. Look at a star. Can you see that it is but light and that light is eternal? Everything is but light and it’s light is eternal. How can you find an edge on eternity? Can you draw a circle around a drop of water in an ocean?

  7. @funkymonkyize I’ve learned enough on this planet to leave it, but I’m still learning. In fact, I’m learning at a rate so accelerated it’s a bit shocking. Everyday seems to have a new theme. Today’s lesson is “You are responsible for all the evil in the world. Aren’t you glad? Now you can finally rid the world of all evil.” Some people wouldn’t learn this in a lifetime. I’m learning it today. Yesterday’s lesson was “Mind is content and is eternal, yet makes forms, but is not the form itself.”

  8. @1971SuperLead ya I get it..it was an introspective why not?…you express my exact feelings…..

  9. @funkymonkyize, It really does say that, and as much as I distain this selfish, dense, competitive, ignorant, self defeating and self destructive world, killing myself would be a selfish move. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. So I will try to make myself useful here and ignore the advice of that voice who is sure I am ready to live without the heavy cage of the skin anymore.

  10. My inner voice says “Kill yourself.” I can’t listen to everything my inner voice says.

  11. Great video, giving us all inspiration to be better people living a happy and
    contented life, thanks for sharing with us.

  12. I truly appreciate this post! It was very uplifting because at this point I feel totally exhausted in regards to the affairs of the heart.
    Thank you

  13. Nice vid, but it is very secular-humanistic-Inclusionistic. Not what I expected from someone whose interests are God, Jesus, Mary, & the Saints, but U did say interests, U didn’t say Christian. U were quoting from another, but all this author did was paraphrase the BIBLE!! The agnostics & atheists may not like this, but I’m just sayN, most all of this is IN the BIBLE. U said U read that 2. The author just took, God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit out of the equation. Not hating…just relating!

  14. Though there are some good points in this video there are also wrong ones. The answers to life’s questions are not within you. You cannot find an answer to origin, morality, destiny or even ultimate meaning. If we all live the way that seems right to us then sadly living like Stalin, Pol Pot, or Mao Tse-Tung.

  15. “I was looking for the answers…” and I was close to find them…
    Life is a learning process…
    The true wisdom comes from within…
    Look Listen Trust

    Thank you, this video-wisdom goes to my favorits!

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