30 Minute Backlinks Example. Michelle Mcpherson

www.squidoo.com An amazing example of 30 minute backlinks at work. Video created by Michelle Mcpherson herself. 30 Minute Backlinks is a technique which enables you to create free software that creates multiple backlinks to your site / blog.

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  1. Yes I too bought this, it clearly is a scam now. It is well out of date. The video is for a very old version so just doesn’t relate to the video ‘help’.
    I keep getting sales e-mails from them but the e-mail they use cannot be used to send a message.
    I have left a number of tickets for them to reply but have recived non other than an e-mail which says its being dealt with, yeah sure!!
    Anyway, I’ve given them until Monday, then I cancel the payment!

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  3. THIS IS A BIG SCAM! I broght the product and never recieved anything! STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!!!!!!

  4. I have bought 30 minute backlinks, I wouldn’t say its bad, good product overall.Make sure to read my review at squidoo(.)/30minutebacklinksreview2 before you buy it.

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