16 Replies to “A Star Nkanyezi Mngadi’s Audition… Oprah’s win your own Tv show that could not be submitted”

  1. @zie2244 thank yo u my love…. please at least give me your name or call my cell so I can thank the right person

  2. @zie2244 thank you so much love….can you least tell me your name or call me if you know my number so I know who you are….. thank you again for great two comments

  3. Wow u have so much talent, you go Star, i like ur Logo Iin ur bags i would love to have one t shirt …

  4. @aladypimp thank you so much my love and you look dashing at the party tonite…..

  5. @vuyizi

    Thank you Vuyisile and yes when I have my tv show, as I promised front row seat pass including the back stage pass are in order!!!

  6. @divadadde

    Thank you so much sweet heart your comment means a world to me thank you!!

  7. Nkanyezi you are brilliant! I really enjoyed your presentation, especially because, now everyone gets a chance to see and feel the energy that I get from you all the time! You are such a positive force that it will be Oprah’s lost if she doesn’t select you anyway! I’m very proud of you sisi!!!!!!!!

  8. WOW….Im speechless, u r a real genius. U derseve your own show gal. Excellent work.

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