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www.tradeaddresses.com I’m Jim Osgood, the President of OfficeFinder.com and a partner in TradeAddresses. I am very excited to have this opportunity to introduce you to our new and unique listing web site, TradeAddresses.com. TradeAddresses is the web site that commercial brokers have been waiting for. Its leading edge technology includes video and social media marketing for you and your properties on an international platform. Best of all, TradeAddresses takes care of the hard work! I’m doing this short video to tell you why you need to post your listings on TradeAddresses. Right off the top, you are probably asking yourself why you would even consider adding your listings to another listing site especially since you probably already have them on so many. Let me quickly show you why. TradeAddresses is unique. It is free to post your listings and it gives you something no other site really can, and that is “Reach”. This is how. First of all No one has combined high end residential, with commercial, and luxury vacation rentals all on one site. If you think about it, the same person could be in need of all three. Secondly: We actually do a video for each individual property. Why? What Google really loves is Videos! In case you didn’t know YouTube is the second most popular search engine to Google and guess what, Google owns it. Online video viewing is growing fast. According to Neilson Analytic, online viewing was up 45% from January of 2010 and is why we will be able to
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