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  1. I will make my next video on determining best page for your anchor text link – please subscribe to my videos and you will be notified when I upload it

  2. The video was to show how you can beat many of your competition by using anchor text.

    Anchor text is the phrase of text you highlight when you hyperlink in your website. Highlight the keyword you want, click the hyperlink button, type in the page you want to send the link to, done.

    It is important to hyperlink your important keywords in your site to the best page for that keyword.

  3. I am interested in this video. How exactly do you place anchor text or use it? All you show is when you prefix keyword search with “anchortext;” the results are smaller. Please explain!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share valuable information

    I first saw and heard you through a James Hickey (SD Entreprenuer) video.

    -Tony Lamar in San Diego.

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