Atlanta SEO — 404-923-0650 Atlanta SEO Atlanta SEO Marketing 404-923-0650 765 Virginia Ave. NE Atlanta GA 30306 4 Steps to Better Search Engine Optimization By [ Dharmarajan Each business has to start somewhere. Before you can generate quality traffic and improve your business sales, you need to do something first. And on top of the list is to create a website that can easily be found and decipher by the search engine. In other words, your site architecture must be SEO-friendly. You can do this by seeing to it that all links that can be found in your site are navigational. It would also be helpful to learn some of the most basic stuff about SEO. Ranking Although ranking is important in SEO but this shouldn’t be your end goal in mind. A good rank in the search engine page result won’t directly provide you with sales improvement. It will just give you the opportunity to do so. Besides, you can’t be so sure that all visitors of top 1 ranking sites are sure buyers. Visitors By getting rankings even they are just of low-volume but on relevant keywords, you’ll start attracting visitors on your site. Again, this is not the ultimate goal unless you are paid on a page impression basis. Conversions If there’s one thing that you should focus on, it should be the conversions. The greatest thing that SEO can do to your site is not the ranking or the traffic; rather, it’s the ability to increase conversion counts and percentages. Conversion pertains to anything that you
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