Back link Software — Using Back link Software to Get High Rank If you are the kind of person who loves to build websites and hope that the search engines will index and rank your site then you will never see a single cent in earnings. In the early days it was possible to set up a few sites with some unique content and get indexed and ranked well, with a few links pointing to the sites. Sometimes, we didn’t even need to promote those sites. Those days are gone. Without a reasonable amount of links pointing to your site, it is difficult to get ranked by the search engines. So, does that mean that the more links you have the better your search engine ranking? No! The rules of the search engines have changed. Not only do you need more links, you need themed links. One effective method to get theme links is Blog Commenting. Back link software enable you to find hundreds and even thousands of blogs that are related to your site. To learn more about using back link software to get high rank, please visit :

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