Backlinks to Boost Your Page Ranking with the Search Engines http Does your site need to have lots of backlinks to rate high with the search engines? This poses a question worth looking over…. After doing some research on Search Engine Optimization, I found the word backlinks was practically beaten to pieces. I have been pouring over this term-what it means and how to get them, so I thought that I would share them with you. It all boils down to content! I realized that if I produce quality content that is more interesting to read than most articles published, then, it would be no problem to get ranked higher with Google and there would be no problems with SEO…Here is the SECRET: GREAT CONTENT GOES VIRAL. What this means to me is that the more great content you put out there for the world to view-the more the traffic grows, then, along with that sales will grow, along with sign ups and subscriptions. But, is this a true answer to my question about how backlinks are the End All of SEO? YES! Backlinks are totally related to your search engine status. (That is your ranking or your pat on the back from them.) Of course, you must consider Meta tags, description and tags are very important as well, but if those are optimized, then, backlinks complete your overall picture on the internet. Backlinks are what the search engines use to found out whether your website can be trusted or not. They are what signals your authority online and tells the search engines what other websites think of
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