Chrome Event – 12/07/2010

Video Footage from the Chrome event on 12/07/10. Sundar Pichai, Product Management Lead for Chrome announces upcoming speed improvements for Chrome, introduces the Chrome Web Store and the Chrome OS pilot program. Learn more at, and
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  1. lol – Wifi problems and they’re introducing chrome notebooks soon….

  2. i don’t have a problem with chrome, but i don’t like big companies buying everything up… youtube started to get less fun, and started sucking since they bought it.

  3. GET`’,A:`’FREE,;’IPAD.”OR;’,KINDLE.:,

  4. GET;;:A:::FREE:`;IPAD,;’OR,’:KINDLE.,;

  5. @kn10112 that my friend you’ll have to figure out for yourself, cause if i or someone else told you how to do it, you wouldn’t know when to “stick & move.” and i’d hate to see ppl doing time and/or paying fines for crimes due to user error…

  6. Hi, my name is Jerry I have homework and I’m failing 3 classes about computer. I don’t money to buy so is my parents. I hope I can get one. And I been praying for one. Also god bless you. Thanks

  7. chrome = web browser, not a racist asian nazi jew killing stealer bomb like you guys say it is LOL its just a browser thats fast XD nothing like you guys make it of

  8. seriously , google have to copy apple at everything , app store , smartphone os , browser , tablets ( iPad ) gosh

  9. @tigeruby Pearl harbor Day, like 9/11, is NOT an anniversary to celebrate anything. THAT’S the problem. Try cracking a history book once in awhile, instead of wasting your time with Chrome Chrap. You insult all your fellow Asians by not having a clue on this.

  10. @themredweirdoshow Why is that an insult to “all” Asians? I’m not at all offended lol. wtf is your problem son.

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