5 Replies to “Competitor Link Building & Anchor Text Optimization”

  1. @developmentadvisor Thanks dude! I think the slides are up on slideshare under the affiliate summit account.

  2. Wil, as always your one of my favorites to watch. I have learned so much from you. This reinforces something I read from Rand Fishkin on this a little while back, forgot about and a few days ago stumbled onto another article…..someone it telling me to pay attention.

    I would love to see your slides as you speak like picture in picture. Other than that don’t change anything other then the frequency you post. Thanks again.

  3. SEOmoz did a post recently about “over optimisation” and someone made a good comment on it that relates to this video: requesting a particular anchor text from a potential linking site can sometimes reduce the chances of them agreeing to link to you (some folks just don’t like it!).
    So by leaving that part of the request out, you increase the chance of getting a link & get a varied anchor text profile.
    Wil, make more vids!

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