Condor Modular Plate Carrier: “All Day Armor” by Nutnfancy

You ain’t gonna’ find a better Multicam LBE option for around these days. At least in this most excellent Multicam variation, the Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier or MOPC represents excellent value and quality for the money. At just 2 lbs 10 oz, it’s a lightweight and contoured carrier that provides impressive comfort in wear. Credit the padding and mesh lining as well, a rarity at this price level. Quality and design throughout is generally excellent: good buckles that don’t squeak (not yet at least), uniform and strong reinforced stitching, outstanding colorations (sewn Multicam MOLLE webbing provides superior camouflage vs brown nylon webbing), easy adjustment and doffing, high quality hook and loop closures, interior map pocket, hoop Velcro provided for morale patching/nametapes, perfectly sized plate pockets (that hold both soft and hard armor securely), extra MOLLE on the side, a drag loop, clean shoulder design (with buckles in back), and side pockets that expand to accommodate different size plates. Colors as of 2010 included: Multicam (shown), black, OD, Coyote Tan, and ACU. The Multicam version is licensed and features the mandated improved materials: poly coated 500 denier Cordura nylon (as opposed to lesser quality vinyl-coated nylon). The MOPC rides securely with medium loads under high exertion and is a stable rig. No interferences were noted in both pressured handgun and rifle drills. A few downsides do exist however: weak elastic band ties the

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  1. What kind of a tan knife do you have attactched to the plate carrier?

  2. I’m, what would be a sugarcoated term, a “Plus Size Operator”. To be exact, 5’9″ 260 lbs. and this thing fits me with room to spare. I will say that it does wear a bit small on a bigger fella, but if you are using this as a armor system it’ll still cover what it needs to cover to save your life if you have it adjusted correctly. I use it for airsoft primarily, but it also funtions as my “SHTF” gear. Wears just fine in rifleman config. (8 rifle mags), with front and rear plates, and hydration.

  3. With the way I play airsoft (on a MilSim level) you need high quality gear like this.

  4. @free4life85 forgot to do a reply on my comment, check vid comments for info – sorry

  5. Man you find some great music to stick in your videos. – usually the DL4/5 etc the number is how many mags you’re carrying for your primary weapon and the DL is for daily loadout, i’m waiting on my vest to get here but i’ve already got mine sorted out bit more utilitarian than nutn uses since I take my stuff with me on long trips and not just on shooting runs watch some of his other vids for some carry options for knives and tools.

  6. Just ordered one of these Condor MOPC’s and the coupon code kept me under a bill! Thanks for the review, your efforts are appreciated! Keep up the good work!

  7. Im liking it and i am gonna get one cos it’s not that pricy and does the job. I’ve used ma buddy’s MOPC and it did lots of things i would like it to do

  8. @DJImfamuos1408 did it fall off? did it run away? did it catch on fire? wuts wrong wit the velcro?

  9. hey nutnfancy do you think the mopc will accept 8″ by 8″ side plates?

  10. hey nutnfancy do you think the mopc will accept 8″ by 8″ side plates?

  11. also.. if your a skinny guy.. like myself.. you do not need to cut the elastic part for adjustment.. simply remove the para cord, loop it through the first molle hoop n tie it back on itself.. u’ve now cut off about 10 inches off the waist straps.

  12. @xgeneralzimx Glue 3 layers of cardboard together, and then cut to the shape of the armor pocket.

  13. @WinSomeLoseNone0 Spyderco Fred perrin, no longer made, they do make the mini version called the “street beat” still though.

  14. Hey nutn, I know you have a lot of multicam stuff already, but Diamondback Tactical has a lot of multicam gear as well. It is reasonably priced, about the same as 5.11 gear and it’s all made in the USA. Maybe if viewers are looking for good price/quality gear, in different camo patterns (ACU, USAF tiger stripe etc.) they can go there as well. Not asking you to review it, but just shouting out to those who might be interested. To me, their selection of molle pouches is the best.

  15. Only nutnfancy can make a 36 minute review on a molle vest watchable. Great vid as always. I’m looking for a video to explain how to reassemble a quick detach plate carrier vest…. any recommendations?

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