Corporate real estate trends – outsourcing future Why corporations are outsourcing real estate management from reception to maintenance, IT infrastructure, cleaning, relocation, office search, energy efficiency and so on. Equity release, lease back, logistics planning – factories, refineries etc. Video comment on real estate trends by conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon, futurist, keynote

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  1. Nice video. I really enjoyed watching it. I am running a marketing campaign to start a large auto detailing chain corporation. Let me know what you think by checking out my channel. Thanks


  2. As a student that is currently studying business property management, i will agree have to agree with you, that is the future and as we are living in a rescession , their are many major corporate real estates going bust and corporate real estate has fallen in 25 % in value. We don’t know how long long this will last but i know one thing their will be a boom in the property market and the organisations will make a killing due to allot of demand and investments for corporate real estate.

  3. Corporations often do not realise full value of their real estate portfolio – it sits on balance sheet but is not part of their strategic planning. Patrick Dixon

  4. McDonalds realized a long time ago that they are primarily in the real estate business. They have perhaps the best real estate portfolio of any corporation.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. Real estate is complex for companies to manage. Patrick Dixon

  6. I never understood this was happening before watching this video.



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