Dell M101z Unboxing and Review

Dell’s M101z takes the ‘netbook’ to the next level with ‘laptop’ level specs like a dual core AMD processor, 4GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive in an 11.6″ screen package. Add Windows 7 Home Premium and you have the M101z.

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  1. @bretthweaver If you still using the m101z I recommend you to use a software called k10stats, it can lower the voltage of the CPU. There is plenty of guide online on how to use them

  2. I used the laptop a bit over the weekend, noticed the warm exhaust out the side port. I wouldn’t call it excessive heat. I can imagine that watching video or other tasks that tax the system would cause it to generate more heat. There’s quite a bit of processing power and memory in that relatively small case. Not as much air inside the case to “dilute” the heat build up as with a larger laptop or desktop.

  3. Does the machine give off a lot of heat? I have seen other reviews on YouTube where people complain about that on the M101z.

  4. I love your accent. I’m from England and we don’t get accents like that over here lol and cool review šŸ™‚

  5. @madamegehirngulasch LOL! Glad you like the accent. I got it honest, no acting. Come to Tennessee and you’ll get used to it!

  6. As I mentioned, this machine belongs to my uncle. He doesn’t watch much HD content…maybe not any! So I can’t give any informed feedback on heat buildup (yet). Sorry!

  7. Do you experience any significant heat issues while watching HD content for prolong times?

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