Do links to non-canonical URLs pass any value to the canonical version?

Stav Zilbershtein from Israel asks: “Hi Matt, what if there are external links to a URL that is not the canonical one? Does the power of links passes on to the original URL or does links pointing to a non orinigal URL gets lost when using canonical tag on a website?”
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  1. very helpful, I am glad you chose to answer this. pretty important in my opinion.

  2. @incrediblehelp He answered. He said they try to make sure the links to the different pages are combined accurately; that’s a yes to the link juice question. The reason he emphasizes redirects and proper architecture is because they (rightfully) don’t expect us to trust them implicitly to get it right 100% of the time.

  3. Hi matt,

    i was suprised to see that you answered this question, everybody seemed to prefer voting for other questions, thanks !

  4. Once again Matt your response is not answering the question. He simply asked if you (Google) passed the juice when someone linked to a old or duplicate URL to the actual. Please answer yes or now. Don’t recommend site architecture changes as that has nothing to do with it.

  5. Awesome question… thanks for explaining it Matt. I’d been wondering about that myself šŸ™‚

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