Dow Jones Apocalypse

Couldn’t help myself…had to use the “A” word. See below for dictionary meanings. Basically, in the old etymology, “apocalypse” means “to reveal”–and, as they say here in Idaho, “boy howdy” have things started to be revealed behind the scenes on Wall St. Wow. Main Entry: apoc·a·lypse Pronunciation: \ə-ˈpä-kə-ˌlips\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, revelation, Revelation, from Anglo-French apocalipse, from Late Latin apocalypsis, from Greek apokalypsis, from apokalyptein to uncover, Date: 13th century 1 a: one of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 bc to ad 150 marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom bcapitalized : revelation 3 2 a: something viewed as a prophetic revelation Articles: Wall St. Tumbles Anew… Even Dr Doom (Roubini) is Scared: Europe’s Crisis Much Bigger Than US subprime: LaDeana Michelle is the GORGEOUS creator, singer, producer, writer, arranger, composer and performer of Believe, the song behind this powerful and beautiful video tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She is a prodigy on many levels— there is not much she CANT do. Multi-octave vocalist, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, actress, screenwriter, print model, concept designer, poet, musician, author, CEO, humanitarian and so much more….LaDeana Michelle will soon be a household name in the entertainment and business industries. Also a CEO and savvy businesswoman, she will be added as the next female self-made millionaire through her partnership real estate, development and project management ventures. A direct relative of the legendary Sam Cooke and Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) LaDeana Michelle, already boasting an extensive entertainment resume, will be released worldwide soon and is rapidly gaining fans all over the world–all who highly anticipate her arrival. With an upcoming worldwide album release slated as “One of the hottest in a long time”, several upcoming films (two are of her own creation–the next female Tyler Perry?) a slew of entertainment projects and social programs for low-income youth, she is definitely one to watch for 2009 and beyond. Disclaimer: This video does not make claims to any particular sequential order of historic events (within the video presentation) credits or otherwise. It is merely a video tribute for
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  1. And yeah new job number are out states side 8%?? That means unofficially its around 16%. We are fast approaching Great depression levels. GMC alone would cause a million job losses if it tanked.

    Here in the UK our TEAM is printing 150 billion pounds. (7.5% of the GDP)
    If i had any money i would be buying gold.

    DOW will bottom at 1500 and unless Team obama does not tighten its belt you can kill the dollar goodbye/adios amigo.

    I hear spam has a shelf life of 50 years ?!

  2. Thank you…I won’t be the only one, not that that’s a good thing, but I won’t be alone for sure.

  3. hey slobomotion, the thing is the collapse of the welfare state in Europe, especially France is possible or a given now, and the Muslim-immigrant mostly segregated into insular city ghetto’s will no longer have free health care, or government asistance of any kind. Health care, housing, food, from the state all gone. A socio economic problem in your area may be the riots that were seen, but on massive scale, and the polarization between the non-Islamists and the Islamists there. a thought

  4. hey Awakendude, I find your knowledge and talks on the political-sociological!!! part to all this very informative. The pain, hunger, deaths, riots, collapse of metro areas, Islamofascism rising in Pakistan, and Europe etc, all those aspects, “around the edges” I think will be the real main events. Multiple socio-economic stuff. Interesting to see it all develop though.

  5. The stock market goes down. BAD. But stock you buy is cheaper. GOOD. So if it ever comes back, it’ll be really nice. That is IF. On the other hand I wonder who else is buying and what their plan is.

    Maybe the background is that someone is sick and tired of wars and is manipulating the economy to get the government to reprioritize.

    Unfortunately, usually it takes a bigger war to get the economy moving again. That’s still a year or two off.

  6. So true, discover the moment, America’s & the worlds real bright days are only just starting, sometimes you just have to let go of the old to create something bright and new. Innerchange leads to outerchange, heaven is in your heart.

  7. Don’t still the mind. Check things out, research and even acquire insight, wisdom and extrapolate as well. Face up to and ask some hard questions and issues.
    Just consider of what has gone on, and what is happening and continuing to happen. But when it hits home to you or close to you and your family and friends.
    I hope you will learn and acquire a new perspective.
    But for starters, check out synthetic CDOs, Derivitives, Legatus, and potential bank runs and nationalization of banks.

  8. The Bilderberg game is over! We are awakening, be the change go from within, discover the now

  9. By all means, what after hyperinflation, tremendous joblosses, pensionlosses etc. could be told to you by any government that sounds credible? That you would have to gear up for another war?…that Iran is dangerous? Or that aliens will invade the world? Change of Era… yourself the power of the now….another dimension will open up, revolution to evolution…..really there is no-thing out there……it’s free and to easy not to give it a try….still the mind

  10. Hi stealing no longer exists….I give I get is over…..Receive to give……YES SHARE WHEREVER……because it’s time for all of us to wake up…..there is great light on the horizon, go from within….the illuminati game is open for all of us, change from within 🙂

  11. money an wealth in general is always a big thing even to those who have very little i think the issue is simple ppl dont want to believe it they want to believe all is going to get better reality hits last but first shock then denial until reality is undeniable

  12. Very well said, the Source is reveiling itself. That is the true apocalypse, change from within….it’s time to wake up from mindindoctrination. Your mind is yours not you, your body is yours not you….Change of Era

  13. To share: I don’t make acquiring gold or silver a priority. Why? I live in a very poor nabe. First for me is getting food and developing a means to produce it myself. My neighbors want food first, cigarettes second! They don’t actually need much cash because they live rent-free, don’t pay for medical care, and are too poor in France to owe taxes. They are mostly Muslim and don’t want alcohol.
    French isn’t much spoken here in this area in France, even.
    Carry on . . .

  14. Just subscribed today after I got your freidn request, and I like what I have seen. Keep it up.

  15. This is all preplanned by the Bilderberg at their meetings, like the housing meltdown for example.
    Support you state Sovereignty WE ARE ALMOST THERE WE CAN STOP D.C.
    Barry Soetoro needs to Leave Now!
    Clean out Washington @
    End the Fed & NWO!
    Geranimo wants his Bones Back!
    Let the games begin.

  16. 2cents. I lived thru the 1980’s hyperinflation of Mexcio. It’s not cataclysm. Prices rise, then gov’ment sets price and wage controls. Dreams r put on pause, but life goes on. Kids go to school. People go to work. Churches have more traffic, but parties and b’days go on; albeit less fancy. People worry, but they worry too much. Monsters only live in dark rooms. The light usually reveals a burping squirrel. We are in for unknown pain; a lot of it. But America is in God’s hands, not bureaucrats.

  17. I agree – the bigger problem is social unrest/global instability yet to come. Consider the fact that WWII probably never would have happened had we not had “the great depression”!

  18. Very nicely said Outoftheboxinsight. You dont mind if I steal that and use it all over do you?

  19. “crisis is a terrible thing to waste…”

    yes. also, thank you for your other wonderful comments

  20. wonderful prediction and I agree on all of your points! in fact, those points comprise my reason for starting this YouTube channel…

  21. everyone’s wellbeing or badbeing is a product of the social order. as we hear the rumblings of the crumbling foundations our primal fears are aroused. fear of predation, fear of disease, fear of chaos, fear of uncertainty. have a nice day.

  22. I don’t think that is what the video meant. It shows how what Martin Luther King fought for has come to pass by having a black president. A true testiment that we can do great things inspite of the hardship we face daily.

  23. Nice song. Inspirational message. Good singer. Unfortunately, the video only serves to further bamboozle people who see Barack Obama as an extension of Martin Luther King and his legacy. Barack Obama is not a freedom fighter, he is a mainstream politician. He is not in any way connected to the work and sacrifices that Dr. King made. That’s why I had to give the video a 2 star rating.

  24. Beautiful! Makes me sad and proud….and I’m white. I wish Martin Luther King could be with us to see this amazing new world!
    “YES WE CAN”

  25. This is great! ONLY WATCH THIS VIDEO IN HIGH QUALITY, THOUGH!!!! YouTube low quality–no good.

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