Egyptians protesters throwing Molotov cocktails in Cairo Tahrir Square Egypt

Iran TV: 1000 killed or injured in Tahrir Square, by Israelie Jews Commandos Stinging tear gas was fired in the epicenter of Cairo’s demonstrations where pandemonium reigned Wednesday, fueled by running street battles between pro- and anti-government forces. In a surreal scene resembling the movie “Ben Hur,” supporters of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak thundered through the crowds on horses and camels in central Tahrir Square. At least one man was pulled off his horse and beaten. Mubarak’s announcement that he will not seek re-election had been expected to vacuum passion out of Egypt’s nine-day uprising. But the opposite rang true, at least in central Cairo, where mob rule was in sharp contrast to the jubilant mood of tens of thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters the day before. Bloody battle on streets Cairo clash with south africa LONDON Egyptian Anti-government protests algeria car cairo france england germany london washington obama israel zamalek al ahly algerie émeutes riots maroc USA islam police egypt husni mubarak egypte news world pakistan canada iran india indonesia malaysia japan tunisie الجزائر المغرب تونس إنتفاضة حسني مبارك العراق الإسكندرية إسرائيل مصر القاهرة — A crowd of thousands rushed to speakers and projection television screens to listen to their president address the unrest that has swept over the nation in the past eight days. They weren’t happy with what they heard and told an Al Jazeera web producer they would remain in the square

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