Enhanced Flash-Based Local Portals to the Google Map

Google Tech Talks February, 20 2008 ABSTRACT Cheryl Parker, founder of Urban Explorer, will present their patent-pending Flash-based “Local Portals” for the Google Mapping API. Urban Explorer’s “Local Portal” enhances the Google Map with both advanced GIS functionality and dynamically-served polygonal-based map layers. Flash-based map layers are dynamically served via an underlying MySQL database that features time series business, real estate and demographic data sets. These data sets, in turn, populate translucent vector-based parcel, census and city-based map layers that align perfectly with the underlying Google Map. The Local Portals enable users to search, view and analyze aggregate datasets across time and space, by featuring thematic animated mapping and multi-criteria searches across multiple datasets. The portals will be distributed as web widgets through the OpenSocial platform, via LinkedIn and SalesForce.com. They will be distributed freely, but a minimal fee will be charged for data downloads, using Google Checkout. Portals will be developed for a number of vertical markets, including Small Businesses, Real Estate Developers, Political Mapping, and so on. Speaker: Cheryl Parker Cheryl Parker is founder of Urban Explorer (www.theurbanexplorer.com), based in San Francisco, Ca. Prior to establishing Urban Explorer in 1999, Ms. Parker worked professionally as an urban designer, economic development specialist, city planner and GIS web developer. Ms. Parker was

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