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Homespun Websites presents the last of the Louden Supertrack Kiddie Monorails. It ran at during the Christmas Season at Portland, Oregon’s Meier & Frank Department Store. Once over 20 of these monorails graced the nation’s department stores, malls, etc. The monorail ceased operation in 2005. You can still visit 2 cars of the monorail in the “Monorail Memory Room” in the basement at Macys department store. Bittersweet if you remember the “old days”. Visit homespunwebsites.com, a local Portland web developer with the easiest web builder on the planet suitable for all kinds people: from dining-room table artisans to freelance writers, attorneys, real estate agents, restaurants, vacation rentals, to mom and pop industries and start ups. Sign up for our free 30 day trial.
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  1. I rode this in 1978. I remember very clearly wanting “Superman Spinball Pinball” for Christmas. Santaland was all decorated with a Gnomes theme, based on the popular coffee table book at the time. It was really magical.

  2. i rode this as a kid. now it’s a very swanky rooftop bar called Departure

  3. I wanted to ride it when I shot this video, but only kids were allowed to. I guess I’m still a kid at heart.

    They still have the monorail in the “monorail memory room”, so perhaps one day they will bring it back. Stranger things have happened. Nice of Macy’s to not have forgotten the Monorail entirely. The kids in the MMR did seem to enjoy playing in the monorail cars, such as they were.

  4. I remember riding this when I was a small child. Luckily my oldest daughter got to ride it in 2005 – it’s last year in operation. Another tradition gone by the wayside in the name of “progress.”

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