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  1. @nickoloes: …or Pakistan, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Botswana, Ghana, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Mauritius, Iraq, Kuwait, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Where the same plug is used. I think we should all move to your country, I’m sure you’ll like that.

  2. @MikeFromTheUK1 The cover is wide enough, but it is purely optional, there is nothing to prevent the plug being inserted with the wings folded, and nothing to prevent unfolded wings being folded back while the plug is in use. The folding wings (a major “innovation” of Folding Plug) are therefore essentially useless.

    The fuse access on the front of the plug body is completely non-compliant.

    ThinPlug and SlimPlug are both BS 1363 compliant, there is no need for a non-compliant competitor.

  3. @fatallyflawed1947 I have had a look a BS1363 and to me this plug design doesn’t seem to have a problem with safety. The cover on this plug is wide and covers a large area of the socket. But I can see the concern of being able to slip a pin underneath the plug cover, I guess that the cover needs to be made stiff and solid so as not to be able to be bent or twisted.

  4. @MikeFromTheUK1 Because inserting a plug operates the internal safety shutters of the socket, the inserted plug must provide adequate protection against the insertion of pins, paperclips etc alongside the power pins. This is why the periphery of the plug must overlap the pin entry holes by a safe margin. (It also helps to ensure that the live pins cannot be touched during insertion and withdrawal.)

    The prevention of touching the fuse contacts with the plug inserted is self evident.

  5. @MikeFromTheUK1 BS 1363 requires the live and neutral pins to be at least 9.5 mm from the periphery of the plug. Compliance would require an arrangement which prevented the pins rotating unless the wings were unfolded, but folding Plug is designed to allow the wings to be unfolded only after the pins have been rotated.

    BS 1363 requires that the fuse be inaccessible when the plug is in use, normally done by mounting the fuse on the rear, not achievable within the dimensions of Folding plug.

  6. @fatallyflawed1947 If you don’t mind what are the safety concerns of this design?

  7. @fatallyflawed1947 True, but there I doubt Choi will have a hard time with that task. Cool and Safe is the next step.

  8. @MikeFromTheUK1 Please ead my comments below. It will not be available because it is unsafe, to offer it for sale would be illegal.

  9. It’s only a new design for our clunky, cumbersome plugs. But I think it’s bloody amazing. I want one now!

  10. @eap8317 But none of that changes the fundamental issue that this design is not safe, and would need to be radically altered to make it so.

  11. @fatallyflawed1947 That is absolutely right! Safety is first! but there is no reason to make things ugly…..my whole point is that you can combine both, it only takes a bit of creativity! It’s like Electric Cars; why most prototype electric cars have to be always ugly? there is no logic reason for it, surely they can use the shell of a beautifully designed car, but no, instead we have the Prius, the G-Wiz, the GemE2 and others!

  12. @eap8317 Your assumptions are false. My one concern is for safety and I have no commercial interests in plug designs. I do own a Slimplug for my laptop and have found that it is an ideal solution. I will buy a ThinPlug as soon as it becomes available. What consumes me is that there are so many ignorant people who place more importance on the safety of shiny laptop surfaces than the safety of human life! Min-kyu Choi appears to be a pleasant young man who is sadlly out of his depth.

  13. @fatallyflawed1947 haha…I don’t know what Choi has done to you, but you seriously hate him!!…haha..I sense an unresolved rivalry here…and it seems that it is consuming you!…maybe you need to focus in your own designs and let Choi work on his…I wish you luck and hope that Choi’s design will address the necessary changes to be able to enjoy in the near future an excellent product that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasant to have and use!

  14. @eap8317 You might also want to ask yourself why Min-kyu Choi has not bothered to answer his critics, either here (it is, after all, his post) or on his own website (which is still claiming that the actual product will be launched in 2010).

  15. @eap8317 The conventional way of preventing access to the fuse while the plug is in use is to position it on the same side of the plug body as the pins. SlimPlug follows this convention, the designer of ThinPlug uses an interlock operated by the folding earth pin to achieve the same ends. I challenge you to envisage an interlocking mechanism which somehow covers the fuse access of Folding Plug by virtue of being plugged in to either a standard socket or the adaptor.

  16. @eap8317 looking back at your earlier answer I see that you do not understand the point about the folding wings. It is nothing to do with the multi-way adaptor but the fact that there is nothing to stop the plug being inserted into a normal socket with the wings in the folded back position it would need a robust interlock to ensure that the power pins could only be rotated into the standard orientation when the wings were unfolded, and that is the opposite of the way the plug is designed.

  17. @fatallyflawed1947 What I meant was that the solution is to solve the problems that those “physical constarints” are causing for the design to fail but without compromising the design…..obviously you cannot change the laws of physics, that’s idiotic!!!….I said “solving”, not “changing”!!! there is a huge difference!!! not very intelligent your interpretation!

  18. @eap8317 This gets even sillier, now you want to change the laws of Physics?

  19. @fatallyflawed1947 You gave the answer, we need to work on solving those “physical constraints”! The problem in the UK is that design is always compromised because people are too stubborn and don’t want change! (not to mention the fact that everything is done on the cheap side!) I bet that if TVs where only developed in the UK, the world would still be watching TV in “black and white” transistor cupboards…with bulky plugs!…It’s like living in the Flinstone village!….

  20. @eap8317 Do you think that “attractive and design conscious” are really the important attributes of a plug? Surely practicality and safety come first? There are certain physical constraints related to voltage, current carrying capability, and robustness which affect the design of a mains electrical device – and these cannot be wished away. The dimensions of Folding Plug are already too small to ensure robust connectivity, they leave no room for any further sophisticated interlocking of parts.

  21. @fatallyflawed1947 No, it is thinking positively and trying to find a way to make a great product a reality; unlike your position (trashing other people’s ideas), mine is simply a neutral one, I see the positive and negative on everything, and I think that Choi’s design is far way more attractive and design conscious than the thinplug and the (not too slim) “slimplug”. With a little more thought and creativity all of Choi’s issues with BS 1363 can be resolved. No need to be that negative!

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