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Free Google Link Building Software – Free Link Building Software Paid Link Building Software – FULL Version .00 When it comes to getting high rankings in search engines like Google inbound links are a must! Google wants to see that relevent websites are sharing information and the more relevent links you can build up the better! There is a free link building software program that can help you do that for your real estate website, home based business website or any website you wish to work on. Use the free link building software to pull wordpress blogs and use the paid version to get blogs and posts from 7 other sources increasing the power 10x for only .00 Free Link Building Software Paid Link Building Software – FULL Version .00 For more free videos and tips on marketing your real estate website or home based business website go to: or Hi, If you are interested in creating and using link wheels to improve your search rankings, then I highly recommend this all-in-one software that automates this process for you. Link wheels is one of the most innovative internet marketing strategies that has come about recently. A lot of internet marketers including myself are starting to implement this and see better results in the search rankings. However creating and running link wheels takes forever. If you outsource it, it costs too much. And it can be a pain to remember and manage all the link wheel websites. But recently, I found this new software that creates and help you use link wheels in a faster way. The software creates the username and passwords for you (plus verifies it automatically), helps you spin your content for unique articles, submit to many article directories, submit your content to social bookmarking sites, submit your RSS links to RSS sites, ping all your links, as well as manage all your links so it can be easy to remember which link you submitted or not. This software does all the work for you so that you can save in time as well as even save up on outsourcing costs. I highly recommend you to get it. If you want to check out a free 7 day trial of this software, then click on the link below. I’ll talk to you soon… BJ Min
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  1. @Madjo111a ok we get know a lot about link wheeling stuff…but not everybody does. What do you mean by “SickS” and “MS”? SickS is Sick submitter? Then what is MS?

  2. Great video, however I have found a faster way to accomplish the same thing, thru trial and also error.

  3. If you want to read the article about the Turkish source link wheels. Please read this article.

  4. Lol – good way to get the whole lot sandboxed.

    NEVER link all your sites. Link random and fussy
    The extra link juice should come from a third layer. i.e more sites or bookmarks.
    Seriously – follow this guy at your peril. Link wheels do work, but not like this/
    Nuke is on a rapid downlhill slide as the devs seem to be concentrating on NukeX (their next project) also nukes keyword tool is crap and it’s spinner is real basic.
    Get SickS or MS or better still Link Farm evo for this job.

  5. Hey, thanks for explaining what a link wheel is. I have heard about this but I didn’t understand it completely til you explained it with your diagram. ~Wayne

  6. ROFL, that guy points right, but how knew youtube will move description down haha

  7. Nice explanation of the Link Wheel!
    There are many services and software available to help with this task, SEO Nuke being very good, but one of the more expensive options. Adding to this idea is to submit unique content to the top article directories with a link to the money site. Then promote those articles for the next level.
    Thanks buddy, great job!

  8. that was a good tip and gave me a better understanding…the comments on here are funny as hell…i laughed good a few times. if u do smoke it or work in a store…more power to you.

  9. “He says web 2.0 sites” really fast that I don’t think he realizes himself it sounds like WEB PORNO SITES.. LOL

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