Free Real Estate Website Part 2 I help real estate brokers get on page one of Google and other search engines. Now, why’s that so important? What’s the big deal about Google? Most people start their home-buying search on the Web. Many people don’t go beyond the first page when they are searching. And, when you compare the paid ads to the free organic natural search results, people are 85% more likely to click on the natural results. Instead of saying, “I help brokers get on page one of Google”, I could say, “I help real estate brokers get found on Google.” So, when you’re on page one of Google, you’re much more likely to get leads calling you, sell more homes, make more money, and get famous. That is, “get famous in your local real estate market.” If any of those sound good, then get ready. What you are about to learn could be life changing. If you dominate page one of Google, you’ll have a huge advantage over those who are spending money on pay-per-click ads, and even the long-time, well established brokers in town – even if you’re a new agent. And, the good news is, in many cases it’s not difficult to do if you know and play by Google’s rules. The hardest part is that Google keeps changing the rules. My partner has a bank of computers in an undisclosed location that are constantly searching the internet to determine what Google likes and dislikes. When Google changes their algorithm, even slightly, I’m able to update my websites. As a result, while others are complaining about
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I performed this at the conference Home Run Derby. A little take on the song “Makin’ Whoopie” about how we’re all “gettin’ social” whether we like it or not. Here are the lyrics (which are copyrighted by moi): So you’re on Twitter And Facebook too Your 4th grade teacher Keeps tabs on you You really love to share But do we really care You’re gettin’ social I follow you You follow me Your status updates Fill me with glee But did I have to know You stubbed your little toe You’re gettin’ social Picture yourself on Foursquare Trying your best to win Look at the guy beside you Posting a fake check-in (I fake it too!) You’re on delicious And Flicker too You’re so ambitious Ning, Digg, Jaiku So don’t forget folks That’s what you get folks For Gettin’ Social
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