11 Replies to “Get More Links Using Market Samurai”

  1. This software is freaking awesome. I am using the trial as of now and I am definatley planning on buying the full version.

  2. Great idea, however I realize a faster solution to accomplish the same task, but it took forever to work it out.

  3. I have used caffeinated content for several years. It is a great product. Purchase for $39.99 at WPautoblog (dot) com

  4. im very new to this all but i wanna be big i did my first blog a couple days ago and im making REALLY good money so abvisly i want to more but im soo new i have no clue what ur talking about lol…good work tho

  5. hi would you use rel nofollow on those links to not leak juice or leave it as your linking to relevant content?

  6. Just catching up on vids and this one is brilliant Guru Bob. I’m constantly amazed at what MS can do when last year all of this would have taken forever. Their automated use of ping back to create quick back links is amazing, not to mention that this promotion tool finds all your places to comment for you eg, forums, blogs rather than us having to search for all this manually. A big thanks to MS guys – a lot of work’s gone into this.

  7. Thanks again Gurubob – some advanced linking strategies here – i found this a challenging lesson, but a vital one too…as this is the stage where people need to hang tough…and apply themselves…including me!

  8. GuruBob,

    Really enjoyed this video. I’m continually amazed at the capabilities of Market Samurai. Thank you for going through all of the features of the Promotion section. Very powerful, indeed.


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