Girls Girls Girls “The Premiere Beauty Show” Cosmetic Adventure

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Villa Luces que Flotan was designed to connect the earth with the sky in a circular fashion. Its spiritual elements and seclusion high on the slopes of Poas Volcano provide quietude and inspiration for prayer and meditation. The villa is ideal for creative thought for artists or for those seeking spiritual or personal growth. Its neo-monastic style provides spaces well suited for workshops, seminars, retreats and musical and theatrical performances. The villa rests high on the slopes of Poas Volcano above the city of Grecia with broad views of Costa Rica’s verdant Central Valley. Villa of Lights that Float is named for its views of thousands of shimmering lights from the Central Valley below, the star-filled nights and fireflies drifting past. In the central courtyard a partially submerged and glowing spherical fountain appears to float. Small arched bridges with ice-block centers glow at night from pool lights below. Utilizing his background in anthropology owner Gene Warneke created the basic design in 1990. After traveling through several continents, Gene found a stunning site to build his visionary home and then a superb and gifted architect, Rodrigo Torres. Together they created a modern monument to the sacred past. The villa is a harmony of ovals and circles consciously integrating the land with the sky. Multiple curved forms create a harmonious and comfortable ambience throughout. Absolutely unique in its style, the villa’s design blends sacred Amerindian forms and
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  1. @daizygrl Even being a guy. I had a great time being there and awhole new experience! Plus I had fun shooting all the video of Nicole and seeing her in a girls candy store get all kinds of free products to take home!

  2. I went to this a couple years ago in Orlando, and had a GREAT time. (Though I am not in the beauty industry- a couple girlfriends of mine are) So a bunch of us girls went and got sooo many supplies/samples etc. And not to mention the 20+ females all skinny dipping in the “Peabody Hotel” swimming pool. That was awesome. everyone was like…”well we don’t have to worry about any dudes being around, except for the occasional security guard or gay guy” Great memories!

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    that is very awesome i love this

  4. A beautiful location and stunning architecture define this Villa that I had the pleasure of visiting for 2 weeks last year. It’s in a tranquil and verdant setting at 5000 ft. elevation, overlooking Costa Rica’s central Valley. Beautiful vegetation surrounds this site and the weather is noted as the best in the world.

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