Goldman Sachs = Neo-Slavery = Government

Add me as a friend on Facebook! Get DAILY GrowBy10 Updates on Twitter! Just about everyone has heard of Goldman Sachs. Few, until recently, had heard of Mike Morgan, a Florida-based investment adviser, just recovered from heart surgery. Over the past few months, Morgan has become one of those shooting stars of cyberspace. He set up a blog, , whose posts have included “Does Goldman Sachs run the world?” and “If Goldman Sachs robbed your house, what would you do?”. Aggrieved at being traduced under the devil’s sign, the American investment bank ordered Morgan to take down his site. He refused. A legal spat ensued. Now, the site appears with the following disclaimer: “This website has not been approved by Goldman Sachs. This website was designed to provide information about Goldman Sachs to demonstrate [in Mr Morgan’s view] how destructive this company is to our lives and the hopes and dreams of our children.” Few companies generate such vitriol. But sometimes you wonder if Goldman doesn’t actually want to be hated. Just look at this week’s humdinger. Fresh from repaying billion (£6 billion) of rescue funding from the American taxpayer, and amid the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s, Goldman turned in record second-quarter earnings of .44 billion a 65 per cent rise year-on-year. That’s only half of it, though. The upshot of these monster earnings is that Goldman’s 29400 staff are set to rake it in as never before

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  1. @doesitmatter2you ***CORRECTION*** 10% (300,000) own 90% of stocks, bonds, and business equity.

    The point is politicians are NOT supoosed to represent the constituents, they are supposed to be representative of them. Politics was intended to be accessable to the people. Here we are 250+ (+change) years later and we are being ruled by Lords and Ladies or an elite ruling class.

    My local rep somehow owns a fossil fuel co., how can he vote and be unbiased with energy policy?

  2. @centurion180ad The part that kills me is if they gave the money to all the citizens, then they would pay off the bad loans… instead we gave the money to the insurance companies for the banks who paid them, then the gov’t game money to the banks directly as well, then…. the banks hold onto the loans they just got paid twice for and collect from the public as well.

    They are collecting payment three times, if the people pay off the bad loans, plus all the penalties.

  3. @rugbyanden Most people first try to say without citing any studies the information is wrong… but if you only knew. READ, actually read studies and be involved in academia or those that research.

  4. @rugbyanden Yes… we the people run the country. The only evl and wrong that happens is the evil and wrong we ALLOW to happen.

    Let’s see ~300 million in US and less than 5% own everything… so only about 150,000 are running things.

    We allow double standards like lobbying vs bribing and banks getting paid THREE times. First by insurers AIG etc, then by government directly, then… the amount still owed by the customers with forclosed and under water properties. We ALLOW corruption.

  5. @doesitmatter2you “We the people run the country”? You need to get your facts straight.

  6. Banks must ATTRACT private capital to themselves by bidding for it, then offering loans to highly productive enterprise at modest rates. Instead illegitimate gangster government ROBS taxpayers at gunpoint, and hands over everyone’s dollars to God damn BANKERS free of charge.

    If BANKERS have been given all our dollars for free from the proceeds of a VAST robbery, they have no incentive to loan. They’ll just buy you off your own property & labor for peanuts, as YOU go bankrupt.

  7. @professional80 I cant believe beck just insulted a corporation, I thought the market was always right.

  8. @professional80 yeah looks like his universal paranoia finally hit a real issue

  9. id rather goldman sachs runing the country than westpac bank we would all be eating card board and boiling toilet water by now ! they raise rates when somone farts .

  10. @diodoro73 that was my whole point. thank you!!!
    thats why we call it government sax.

  11. @doinit2init think about this Goldman is reported to have contributed to BOTH campaigns during the last election – and Summer’s, Geithner, and Paulson are all linked to Goldman Sachs

  12. I Think This All Ties In With Control And The New World Order. Research Water Conspiracy/New World Order/Bilderberg/The Blood Line Of The Presidents/Illuminati And If You Have An Open Mind To All This David Icke Is Real Good To Listen To

  13. Glenn buddy, you aren’t competent enough to fill out a job application to be a janitor at Goldman….

  14. It’s called FASCISM!!! We now live in a FASCIST COUNTRY, and just like the German people back in Hitler’s period the American people will keep saying to each other, no we are not Fascist. I recall that the German people realized they had been Conned and where Fascists when they had to clean up the 6 million jews bodies that their Government had killed. Are we going to let this happen here?

  15. if this doesnt prove its all a racket, i dont know what would,

    good luck peeps!

  16. Al Gore: Lord Carbon Credit

    Former Vice President Al Gore’s
    crusade against carbon dioxide emissions
    could make him millions of dollars. With
    help from friends at Goldman Sachs, Gore
    has established a network of organizations
    to promote the “climate crisis”—and keep
    himself in the spotlight. Gore’s crusade already
    has had an enormous impact on corporate
    decision-making and government

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