Google Ranking, SEO And How Google Page Rank Works

Local SEO and Google Page Rank Explained Everybody wants to be #1 in Google, have you ever wondered how and why some sites rank and others don’t? What a lot of people don’t understand about Google is that the algorithm that decides who gets to be number one has more to do with external websites than it does with your website. Customers will come to us and theyll have a website and say Make my website number one in google. And the method to do that is that I create dozens if not hundreds of extra websites to support their main website. Business owners assume web designers and web developers are automatically going to also provide Google Ranking, what it takes to rank in Google has more to do with external, supporting websites or Off Page SEO, than what the web developer does on your website (On Page SEO) Effective Google Ranking and Regional Search Engine Optimization by CWP Tech Solutions in Frederick Md http
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