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Google I/O 2010 – Android UI design patterns Android 201 Chris Nesladek, German Bauer, Richard Fulcher, Christian Robertson, Jim Palmer In this session, the Android User Experience team will show the types of patterns you can use to build a great Android application. We’ll cover things like how to use Interactive Titlebars, Quick Contacts, and Bottom bars as well some new patterns which will get an I/O-only preview. The team will be also available for a no holds barred Q&A session. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to code.google.com
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  1. check out the faces of the designers/developers @ 57:32… the guy asking the question communicates “poorly” in english… Sounds like he’s Italian?

  2. I thought “Quick Actions” @15:48 would be mentioned in the “Hello, Views” tutorial…
    ..anyway,it’s cool to have such thing…somehow,I enjoyed it in the Twitter App

  3. and now in honeycomb they have an action bar with contextual items šŸ˜€

  4. OK if u have perfect vision. Android sucks for the visually impaired folks. If you wear glasses buy iphone or BB. You will be able to read the screen without having to reach for glasses 100 times a day.ALL android phones have TINY TINY text and no way to enlarge it. iphone & BB care about the visually impaired & allow system wide font size large/exlarge etc, Android don’t give a rat’s ass for the visually impaired Complaints for 2 years fall on death ears, Google research it. It’s the TRUTH

  5. thanks andrea haha!! nice movie..just watched this in web movie tube

  6. Google promised to Open Source this code when they demoed it, I guess we got shafted.

  7. damn what an awkward session…. I could barely listen to that second guy’s voice is trembling like he never held a speech in front of an audience. And 8:06 was a joke that sounded funny to him when he wrote it but failed miserably when no one laughed…

  8. @rustgia apple sure knows how to throw a mind numbing party. They are exiting and stuff but of real no substance. And kind of full of lies.

  9. I’ve watched the entire 1-hour session. I am not familiar with mobile operating systems, such as Android, and all that mobile coding stuff. But this session gave me some useful tips on UI design in general. The concepts and rules presented here can also apply to website design and any other purpose imo.

  10. This was an hour well spent! The Dashboard section was extremely helpful to me. Made me rethink the Interface Layout for the App I’m currently working on.

  11. what a lame session… seems almost amateurish compared to the sessions apple holds during its developer conference.

  12. @MangaPowerZero, @IHamenol Has any1 got anyinfo on the source code availability

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