House Hunters International Part 4 – Bed and Breakfast Home Search for Business in Costa Rica

Mat and Rachael make a final decision on the home to buy so that they can move, live and work in Costa Rica, and not wait until retirement. Emerald Forest Property owner Brad Butler has helped them find the right home – Permission for use granted to Brad Butler by House Hunters International
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

22 Replies to “House Hunters International Part 4 – Bed and Breakfast Home Search for Business in Costa Rica”

  1. Anyone else check out the website for the place and realize this obviously didn’t work out for them. It’s now Casa de la Flora and mentions that the cuisine is inspired by chef and owner “Rob”. . . Dream Fail!

  2. why name it the orchid lodge if the rooms have a monkey theme?
    and no wonder they went over budget? did they need to replace EVERYTHING?

  3. vid was alright, Just google Heavy Dollars – very well layed out,, the free kit gave me everything i needed to start making some nice money

  4. im sorry but i liked the house soo much better before all of the renovations … and they painted the outside yellow …come on lol

    however i did like all of the new appliances though

    i hope that their business isļ»æ well :^)

  5. great video! i can’t watch them from the hgtv site, any suggestions. i’m looking for the househunters international Nicaragua. Can you upload these?

  6. Wow. Why is the baby so tan? Maybe one of the carpenters who did the renovation…

  7. rich yuppies its sick show , real people don’t live in these homes they drug dealers?

  8. i liked all of em. the first one is spacious with the gorgeous quest house. the second one is also gorgeous and there’s a great drive way for guests to pull in through. then the third one is was GORGEOUS GORGEOUS with that magnificent pool and a lot of space outside.

  9. What a great show! Emerald Forest Properties is definitely one of the best real estate companies in Costa Rica!

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