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  1. @IncreaseMyWebTraffic

    So you suggest instead making all four 2 tier “squares” linked together and 3 of them linked to 1 tier “triangles”? Am I right?

    What about you cliconomics have you tried these linkwheels in your video? Do you rank good with them?

  2. Thank you for showing people the proper way.YES this works. Michael Cambell has been doing it this way for the last 6 years and i have been doing it this way for 18 months…On new sites instead of to the money site i use an article or something else so it does not go in the sandbox…it goes say to the eza article which juices up the site…

  3. Quick question. Do the backlinks have to point back specifically to the page you want to rank (ex. Keyword specific internal page) or can it simply point back to the main page.

  4. @cliconomics those four sites are still are all linked in a circle, which search engines can easily detect, and will nullify any authority these sites might have passed on to each other. All of them linking back to the original site is great–just don’t form a complete circle with any of your “squares” (tier two properties) and you should be just fine.

  5. @IncreaseMyWebTraffic All the wheels are unique is the first point. So there are different Web2.0 properties being used on each of the wheels, and it is randomized so no wheel ever looks the same. Link Wheels do occur naturally when content is shared. One site will mention another, and that site mention a different related site, than then will link back to the originally mentioned site. By randomizing the sites used, you prevent footprints, also using a lot of variety in anchor text.

  6. can’t google tell when you have 4 of your sites daisy-chained together like that (where the 4 are linked in a circle)? You’d be better off breaking one of the link of one site so they don’t form a complete chain so search engines can’t see they’re all linked.

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