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  1. I did just that. My resume title was 6′-3″ SWM, 200lb, blond/blue mechanical engineer. I got 200 resume views the first day.

  2. Aaron, seems like one could write their resume with link baiting techniques in mind so it competes in the big search engines like Monster and CareerBuilder. Any thoughts on that?

  3. Social media like digg, stumbleupon, and buzz are good ways to create awareness of a new view.

  4. I learned more in this video than what i have been teaching myself for months now. You are first class Aaron! Believe it or not, your SEO book was the first thing I bought when i ventured into Internet marketing then I somehow got gang raped by the Callen Brothers (Brad/Matt) and company. I find myself going back to basics…..Please please make more videos.

  5. Excellent stuff Aaron. Link Baiting gets me about 100 uniques a day…

    Your videos always take a simple idea and allow the viewer to rethink what they thought they already knew.

    Please make more, I’m addicted. L8tr man.

  6. Cheers Aaron. The video worked well for us. We shall do some more. We’re also playing with podcasting. It’s all fun to do

  7. Hey Aaron, cool accent, i love your seo “stuff” keep doing it, some of us are listening!

    sally šŸ™‚

  8. We did the above as link bait thing. Not the same strategy as the one you are recommend but there’s more than one way to whatever. One thing that I noticed is that you acn only use a video as a response once via You tube. Annoying.
    What tool are you using for your videos???

  9. I like to send out emails either asking for feedback or asking people to share it with their audience if they like it. I try to send out emails that are personalized and targeted, and I try to send out a decent number of them in a short period of time such that they still have a fresh story and not something that is days or weeks old.

  10. I’ve had decent success with commenting on other people’s blogs with either a link back to my site, or if that’s too obvious (usually depends on the site and the topic) then just a discussion of my post(s) as they relate to the one I’m commenting on.

  11. Aaron, after you have a linkbait article written, what are the steps you recommend to promote that article to get it read and linked to?

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