How to create links on Craigslist (Real Estate Web 2.0) Realtors are using Craigslist now more than ever. A majority of Realtors are simply putting up 3 or 4 pics on Craigslist. More can be done to show your prospects your listings. You can create your own video tours and link them to your Craigslist ads. Team Real Estate Web 2.0

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  1. craigslist is a great place for silver spoon feed anti union republican neo cons to find christian virgins to have sex with while they are married
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  2. Thanks alot man this info will really help out and it was well described ill def subscribe

  3. Thank you for the information provided by this video. It helps me a lot to promote my real estate web.

  4. derik thx for the free help….johnbancey realty executives kenilworth nj

  5. I just want to thank you. I ended up doing the same in Front Page, but not until you got my wheels turning. I just cut and pasted the photos, and/or html from Front Page, popped it in there, and there it was, photos on Craigslist. Wow. Thanks.

  6. Oh dude. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately they updated Google docs and removed the edit HTML feature….

  7. Derik,
    Thanks for this video. I have learned a lot from you. I am going to subscribe to you.

  8. your a really helpful person with all those wonderful video thank you again and again

  9. Tried this and THEN i found out all you need to do is copy the url then paste it in the body of ad then post pictures out of “MY PICTURES”– AND THAT`S IT–nothing else,,,,nothing

  10. Nicely done! Thanks for the help. Also, very good point about including images in the ad – even if you are including link to a flyer or video – since people do tend to skip over ads if they don’t have pics. Keep up the good work, Derik! ~ Elizabeth in ABQ

  11. thank you so much. i am a realtor in Spokane, WA and I just used that for my craigslist ads

  12. I think my link looks cool now and all so thanks man, really!
    but i got flagged and they took all my listings down!

    I made my link for my ebay page, selling under clothes on craigeslist!

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