How to Disappear in America

Last summer, after writing a story for Wired magazine about people who fake their own deaths, journalist Evan Ratliff decided to vanish and invited the public to try to find him. While he attempted to stay hidden for 30 days, he was caught in 25, thanks in part to the digital breadcrumb trail he left behind. Join Peter Eleey, curator of The Talent Show, and Ratliff as they discuss data-mining, surveillance, and other ramifications of a culture awash in in information.

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  1. @garchompelago They don’t bribe, they don’t suck up to their asses, no. You apply to become a partner. You WILL be accepted if you your channel is popular enough.

  2. 2 things. I whatched the whole thing, Very interesting. And the dude dropped his water at the end lol.

  3. @garchompelago You’re one of those people who finds things to complain about when it’s free, right?

  4. @Dawgmeatt ohhhh bribing youtube and sucking up to their asses so you can post a longer vid? its not worth the effort well atleast now I know how those vevo bastards and other motherbleeping companies come out of nowhere pop out all around youtube claiming copyrights on videos and deliberately removing a lot of vids here those f..king companies doesnt exist in the past now they just remove good videos just because their music is “used” or something its not even like we claim that its ours -_-

  5. @garchompelago

    Yeah, but it sure is douchy of me to say. Certain profiles that Youtube choses gain the ability to upload videos as long as full length movies, maybe longer. Usually when you become a youtube partner that happens it seems.

  6. @garchompelago

    I doubt your videos are even as close of a quality to this one.

  7. ‘He used to work for Microsoft…’ and he now takes pictures with his Mac with no shame whatsoever!

  8. @garchompelago You think that this video is long? Check this one out: /watch?v=Q7aF_FhALzs its 4 weeks long

  9. so….no ones going to comment on how the heck did the uploader manage to upload a 1:24:05 long vid???

    youtube wont even allow me to post a 16 mins long vid!!

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  11. @JHandcock1111 Tbh that was some good logic lol, maybe he did maybe he didn’t, but he’s not comin back anytime soon.

  12. @Javis586 -Further, I’d like to appologise for my snarky comment from two days ago(“-u have serious problems with comprehension and logical thought – lol.”). I was getting alot of flak from pp -in other threads-for whom their debate level doesn’t go beyond ‘Cherrios or Cocoa Puffs?’ and I was finding it frustrating dealing with them. I took it out on you and I’m sorry. Please accept my apology. And btw, you didn’t come back at me with a logical counter point to my last point-wanna try? =)

  13. @Javis586 This all started w/ me pointing out he had a closed casket – indeed, it was later revealed the “body” wasn’t even in the casket @ the memorial. I really have no opinion – I can argue either way, and I do. BTW, I am not a kid – check my profile. Assuming my age, or indeed, assuming a personal point of view from a non personal debate is silly.

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