How to effectively drive traffic to your brokerage website: Camp REinvent February 3, 2011

A key asset to your business is your website. Why should you work on increasing your website traffic? More listings and more sales. Where can you get more website traffic? Search engines, particularly Google (Google receives about 70% of overall search volume). There has been a major shift in how we establish credibility with new clients and stay relevant with our existing clients: Web presence and its overall ranking in search results. There are two methods to increase your visibility in search results. These methods are Organic Search and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Highly-ranked organic search results take time to achieve, the development is harder, targets more keywords, can cost less than PPC and will achieve long-term results. PPC results are added instantly, the development is easier, targets exact keywords, can cost more than organic SEO and achieves short-term results. Social media also has great impact on SEO. Social media is powerful because it is another way to search and find news, and it can drive traffic to your website. While Twitter, Facebook and Youtube remain great tools for the real estate agent, it is also important to go where your prospects are online, which may include other social media sites. Today’s consumers and and real estate agents are different than they were a few years ago. Because of the real estate market downturn a lot of real estate brokers and agents have spent their time surviving instead of innovating. If you don’t change the

Get the Juice: Finally a book that explains how today’s web works in “non-tech” speak! Google Juice breaks down all aspects of using today’s internet for the average business person. It shows how to get better search and social media results in all your online efforts. Google Juice is perfect for small businesses, bloggers, real estate agents, musicians, or anyone else looking to increase their online presence. Google Juice covers – How to research the best keywords to use on (and off) your website and where to place them. – Setting up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles to maximize being found online. – The top 32 sites to place your content on and move yourself closer to Google’s page one. – Using social media and press releases to bring awareness to your brand — the right way! – Free tools to update all accounts at once and put your social media on auto-pilot. – Testing your keywords with paid search advertising and tracking the results with free analytical software. “After reading Google Juice, I now get more leads daily through my website than a single agent can handle! If you’re in the Real Estate business, you should be reading this book NOW!” – Gary Ashton, The Ashton Real Estate Group of Re/MAX Elite, “My blog would not be what it is today without Scott’s expertise. Google Juice helped me piece together the basics of using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks correctly to bring more awareness to my
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