How to get high rankings in google, SEO

Detailed information on how to get high rankings in google. How to get high Page ranked sites to point back to your site.
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Recent reports have revealed that Google is trying a new idea which is upsetting all the SEO gurus, consultants and SEO firms. All the SEO consultants are frustrated with new change which is changing the titles of all the sites, and not showing title in the SERPs as shown in title tag of the site. Lot of complaints were reported over different blogs, websites and webmaster forums, regarding Google altering the title of the site in SERPs and not considering the Title Tags. This could be a big hammer for those newbie webmasters or intermediate SEO consultants who are habitual for “Keyword Stuffing” in their titles. Matt Cutts from Google was showing some attitudes as Google reserve all the rights to change anything at anytime in all of their future updates, and they can try different things to conclude what is a better title for a website. John Mueller, another guy from Google was saying that Google may decide to re-write any title in the search results, which need to be optimized further, according to data collected from google Bots. While explaining the reasons for rewriting the titles for a site, he stated the following conditions: 1. When titles of the site or blog are very short. 2. When titles of the site or blog are shared across a large part. 3. When titles of the site or blog are just collection of keywords, also known as “keyword stuffing”. John Mueller provided some guidelines to prevent this, and said that webmasters should be careful that the site titles and

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  1. Thanks for the vide Go-sour staff going to release SEO tutorial in the next few days, they all say it is going to be the bomb

  2. @SuperEvolutionX i dont care if your gramma sucks as long as your SEO tips are good.

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  4. Great stuff here. I learned a lot in short time. I’m going to run with the tips you gave.

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  6. Great idea, however I have found a faster way to accomplish the same thing, but it took forever to figure it out.

  7. Good discussion on the importance of page rank and 1 way links. Nice job.

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