How to Get High Rankings in Google – SEO Video If you want to dominate the web, then you must spend some time with Google. Start by dating Google. Get know each other and patterns will appear. This video takes a look at what universal search is telling us about how to market our businesses online. Getting to Page of of Google is not tough when you know where to focus your efforts and which web 2.0 properties to use. If you liked this video then subscribe to our channel and we will send you updates on new videos when they are released. – In this video you will learn about a term called the ‘canonical url tag’. This term refers to a piece of code that Google and the other search engines see in your website that tells them what the original url of your webpages are. The benefit for this is that if you get links pointing to articles and videos on your blog that are not setup in the same way the url structure of your actual site is, then at least with the canonical url tag, the search engines will know which one is the real url to use, index, and give link juice too. This helps your SEO big time and prevents duplicate content issues! Here are two WordPress tools I cover in this video that do just that

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  1. rename your pictures using your keyword you are optimizing for and you can also use alt images feature to add mouseover that uses your keyword as well

  2. You have to becareful, Googles Algorhymes change all the time. I highly agree that you have date google.

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  3. Does adding keywords to meta tags still have any relevance in google? I heard it did not. Want to improve my website ranking for the long term care pharmacy industry and its hard to use images and blogs for that industry. Any SEO tips in specific to aid in getting better SEO?

  4. amazing video! i didn’t know about all those different types of google search results, these are huge changes!

  5. This is a great analogy..^^ since the development of web 2.0..everything in the web because almost interconnected.

  6. Indeed great tips.. I didn’t even know that google works that way. Thanks for the very informative tips.. I’ll be sure to follow them.

  7. Nice work Matt… really great content as always… looking forward to more great training from you. I’ve been working on the internet for years now, and I’m learning tons from all your free videos and training! Keep it coming bro!

  8. Great tips. Wonderful video. You give some great information on the new Web 2.0. Hope to have you join our Coaches Network on Facebook. Look forward to watching more of your great videos.

  9. Thanks for all the great tips, I found them very useful. Like the little bits of humour also.

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