How to Get real estate Listings Found on Google

Weekly Real Estate Agent “speak” online workshops that are easy to follow, understand and put to use. No tech talk here. In 55 minutes on these LIVE webinars we provide the how to, where to and what to do to help buyers and renters match the words (aka, keywords) in your Listings on the Internet. When you both match up, you and your listings will be found on Google, Craigslist and all over the Internet. When you are on Page 1 search results with a buyer or renter, the chances for a click through to you and a Lead are huge. These FREE webinars have helped agents to be found on Page 1 of Google fast. The web presence the creates and builds on is demanded by sellers and REO Asset Managers to get the listings. With this Exposure, Agents sell properties.

Keyword Research – Part 2 of 2 Want to learn more?
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