How to Get Started Optimizing Your Website with Shari Thurow

In this video interview, SEO and web design expert Shari Thurow explains the basics of search engine optimization: (1) use your customer’s language, (2) give users and search engines access to your site, and (3) get links to show validation from others. 1. Use your customer’s language. SEO isn’t really optimizing for search engines; it is optimizing for people and the way they search. This means that you really have to listen to your target audience. Your users and customers will say the keywords they prefer on the phone and in e-mail messages. Optimize for those keywords and others found in keyword research tools. 2. Give humans and search engines access to your content, in orther words, provide search engine-friendly design. This is explained in a number of books, including Ms. Thurow’s book Search Engine Visibility (New Riders Press, 2007). She also recommends various websites that are rich in website design and SEO information:’s Website Guide, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Land. 3. Link development – others validating your website. You don’t need a lot of links, says Thurow. Ten high-quality links can trump 10000 poor-quality links! She recommends as an expert in this field. Liana “Li” Evans book Social Media Marketing (Que, 2010) is excellent in getting links in social media. You can do this! Thurow encourages readers. Small to medium companies can get things done faster – and win! Shari Thurow is the founder of Omni Marketing

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