How to increase page rank for better serps ( Have you ever planned to be within the first page of Yahoo and google? Do you also receive those bothersome emails saying that this company, or this person, can immediately ensure you get on the first page of Google and then for only Twenty nine bucks. Or some other absurdly low cost? Have you been tempted? It does seem crazy that these types of email messages come in, and that some of us fall for the offer. But the simple truth is that anyone can get onto the first page of Google if you understand how PageRank, Googles smart little formula, actually works. And of course, when you pursue keywords and phrases that you can really compete on rather than pursuing highly competitive terms. Going for the very first web page of Google is all about the quantity, and quality, of inward backlinks pointing at your internet site pages. When you have more links than your competitors then you’ll be listed higher in the results. Now, the search engines certainly use a lot more than simply PageRank to decide which website pages to return to the searcher in the serps (Search Engine Result Pages). But the most essential element is the number of inward back links along with their reputation.
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Seo-fun video by – Thanks to the google anchorman “the voice” Matt Cutts and his lovely dry “seo webmaster”-videos. Webmaster & SEOs this is a “trash & fun” video. Do not believe in what you see and hear. Production : Martin MiƟfeldt ( DUPLICON ) – Germany Music : Claude Debussy “Clair le lune” Please feel free to visit this blog ( Webdesign, SEO & google image search)
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  1. Matt Cutts doesn’t sound anything like this you fool! LOL He’s a whiteboy with a white boy accent. I highly respect the guy since he holds a very powerful postition with google and he’s a very humble-nice nice man.

  2. NovusContent (.) c0m is a forum that allows free backlinking. It’s the one I use.

  3. Hey great video, if you are looking for 70+ free back links to your site with any keyword please download my free software at my channel. Best Regards. Duncan

  4. Great video, however I have found only one other possible way to undertake the same matter.

  5. @bizzchanel LOL are you gonna reply to everyone that posts anything about this stupid video and say how great it is? I know all about SEO and IM and it’s just not funny… and you’re right, it’s not for me… I actually have a sense of humor!

  6. Matt. Are you aware that (owned by Google) is rejected by several directories because it’s a free service?

  7. @poetsonghotmail Again, if you knew SEO and internet marketing, you would had got it the first time he gave a bad SEO advise..

  8. @ibytedk It is hilarious!! the most funny video i have ever seen. i LAMO. This is for internet marketing professionals. This is why you dont get it.

  9. @tmongy My god you dont understand SEO (internet marketing) dont watch this video. It is not for you.

  10. @ibytedk this is a joke for people who working in the internet marketing industry. That is why you dont get it.

  11. @Nickolie0990 oh you serius? how long you been doing SEO that you didnt even get the joke… Thanks for proving my point!!

  12. @MrDaveFelton Yes specially when you dont know anything, but make it sound like you do and get paid… right.


  14. this is horrible, not only is it not funny, it is bad information. Your page rank has very little to were you rank in the SERPs

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