How to Think About Your Website

What are some of the key things to think about when you are building a website or trying to increase your visibility online?

The 2010Burnham Award for Excellence in Planning given annually since 1988 to recognize superior plans that have resulted in sensible growth and development in the Chicago region was presented to Whistler Crossing development in south suburban Riverdale, Ill. Whistler Crossing is a new community in Riverdale, Ill., located at the site of the former Pacesetter development, a troubled neighborhood that had been on the decline for many years until Riverdale decided something needed to be done. Village leaders enlisted the help of Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation, Turnstone Development, and Farr Associates to engage the community in a plan, acquire properties from dozens of owners, secure financing from 15 different sources, and design a beautiful, walkable, energy-efficient community. Whistler Crossing is Illinois’ first community to achieve LEED for Neighborhood Development criteria, which promotes compact, mixed-use development; housing that is near jobs, services and transit; pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets; and accessible open space. To learn more about the award, including a complete list of past winners, visit MPC’s web site.

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