iPhone Application Marketing

shelleyellis.com iPhone application marketing examples: how one company overlooks links on their website, internal site searches, SEO, paid search and contextual advertising opportunities for a very nicely done, branded, iPhone app. I start by showing that this company’s phone application information is available on their website but if you go to the home page, there isn’t a link or any promotion of that mobile application from the home page. I also did a few simple searches like phone app, phone application, iphone from their own website and it doesn’t come up for any related searches. With SEO, they are not using their extensions to promote it and they really are not using SEO in any way as was evident by a number of keyword searches that showed that the application was not coming up in the natural or paid search listings. I am being retargeted by this company on the content network but the ads are generic and the landing page is the home page – showing that contextual advertising with banner ads is another missed opportunity. I hope you enjoy the video. For more tips, tricks and strategies for contextual advertising sign up for my free newsletter at www.ContentNetworkPulse.com

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