Keyword Research Tutorial – how to do PROPER SEO Keyword Research Keyword Research 101 – how to do PROPER SEO Keyword Research and find killer and low competition keywords to make $ $ from 🙂 For download links to Google Sniper 2 and Micro Niche Finder – view my personal website here:
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Site is very cool for building links and backlinks to your websites and it uses the dofollow so you get the full page rank value of those links to boost your google ranking.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

22 Replies to “Keyword Research Tutorial – how to do PROPER SEO Keyword Research”

  1. @kbrelis Is it 9000 EXACT searches globally? iF SO – THATS A WINNER and if you don’t go after it, kindly PM me the keyword so I can – LOL. Seriously, good find – definitely!

  2. Sorry, another question. I have a niche search example for you. You find a keyphrase that receives 9,000 searches globally and when you search on Google with quotes there are 22k results, but without 9 million. Is that still a good find?

  3. @kbrelis senuke x is working great so far – it’s now up to $145 a month so it’s not cheap, but if you market SMARTLY – there is no reason you can’t make that back in a day or two 🙂 With regards to low cost alternatives…. none that i’d recomend at this time, unfortunately.

  4. Thanks Jeff, great stuff. Quick question, how is SENuke working for you? Is it worth the money? Most novice marketers wouldn’t be able to afford a program like that, are there any lower cost alternatives?

  5. @digitalpurpose look at my site for an example. build a new page or post around each one, make sure you properly optimize it ONSITE for SEO and voila! 🙂

  6. If you wanted to go after some of those other related keyword phrases within your existing blog which is tailored towards ‘groom wedding speech’ how would you recommend going about it?

  7. great video and valuable tips
    I have found this free trial research tool phenomenal
    free video tutorials

  8. @AgAzA8 no sorry. it’s a guide that tells you how to do this stuff. however, it’s easy – you can easily DO A FULL site in under 2 hours using it’s methods 🙂

  9. another question…. GS2.. is it an actual “program” that help automate some of the important steps? im considering to “buy” it

  10. @DimarcusJackson haha thanks man, I’m aiming for the millionaire status – if so – beers on me 🙂

  11. Lenny Ur tha Man !! 82 Views Already within about 24hrs ! Great Info especially for a Noobie Like me ! Very easy to understand , simple to follow ! Make more videos Man ! Ill def watch em .. Keep up the good work You destined for multi-millionare status =)

  12. @AgAzA8 Well, 50k is what I go after personally using off site SEO, linking etc and it’s fairly doable. 🙂 Of course the two examples i Gave are much less and would be even easier even W/O much linking or offsite SEO

  13. awesome!!! i use to search for 12,000 on google for good competition, you suggested 50,000 to be good, awesome, im going to try it out! BIG LOAD OFF MY BACK

  14. @olyawilson1 my pleasure 🙂 was it easy to understand as a n00bie? 🙂 (that’s what i’m going for)

  15. @digitalpurpose Thanks man, i really TRULY appreciate that. I didn’t script it or anything, just went with the flow. good to know it made sense 🙂

  16. THANKS, Jeff
    for this good short video on how to properly find seo keywords and how to use
    micronich program, good info THANKS

  17. Another great video Jeff. You just explained in 15 minutes what a lot of info products I’ve seen advertised in the past have charged to explain, and you’ve done so in better detail, without all of the extra fluff. People that don’t already understand how to do proper keyword research should really value this information.

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